The Four-Man Bike

The Four-Man Bike

Bukbu beach has a pretty good selection of rental bikes. Considering it is one of the longest beaches on the East Coast of Korea that is pretty exciting. The hardest part is trying to select which model you want. There are sleek bikes that you lean back in and then maneuver like a hot ride from Tron. There are classic looking bikes with baskets fixed on front, or speedy two-seaters for you and your love. Of course, if you have a lot of love then you might need more seats.

We opted for the goliath four-man bike. It turns about as fast as the Earth and maneuvers like a warship in a marina. Presented with such challenges we realized the only logical thing to do was to drive it off ramps and see if we could use the momentum to carry us back up hill. Not. Easy.

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