This is an exciting time at Captain & Clark. After two glory laden years we have returned to the golden shores of the US of A. For two months it’s nothing but diversity, rich food, and $4 a gallon.Tawny just touched down in Seattle and I have been stateside for a week now. There’s a lot going on. In exactly one week Ken Burger, Michael Staudinger, and myself will be going the length of the US Columbia river in sail kayaks. I’ve prepared a short clip to whet your appetites.

Not more than a few weeks after that we will be stepped in good company in New York. Tawny and I had the privilege of being accepted to the Nomading Film Festival and our Sak Yant video will be showing. We can’t even tell you without tripping over ourselves how excited we are.

On top of all of this the Maverick Expedition is about to launch. The realization of a life long dream is coming true.

Keep vigilant dear friends, this is to be an exciting year.

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