Rand McNally & USA Today present…

Rand McNally & USA Today present…

About a month ago while still in Korea, we were given the opportunity to submit ourselves to the Rand McNally and USA Today’s best of the road: road rally competition.  At the time, we were extremely busy packing up our lives and preparing ourselves for the big move back to the States.  It wasn’t until about a week ago that we finally turned in our video submission and started vying for votes online.

We were absolutely blown away by the response we received from our friends, family, and fans.  We shot from somewhere in the 70’s to 9th place.  Official voting ended yesterday and we are anxiously awaiting to see if Captain and Clark will be one of the 5 teams chosen to scour the U.S. exploring the best small towns.

Towns are divided into 5 categories and each of the 5 teams will be assigned a certain category.  The categories are: most beautiful, most patriotic, the friendliest, the most fun, and the best for food.   Sounds awesome, doesn’t it?

We were a little hesitant to enter the competition at first, knowing that we had our big “around the world” expedition coming up.  However, the more we thought about it, the more we discovered that our hearts are yearning for a little more time stateside.  We want to reaquaint ourselves with the U.S.  The country that we’ve been apart from for over 2 years.  What better way to do it than to take a 3 week road trip discovering the best of the best the U.S. has to offer?

Whether we walk away as one of the 5 teams or not, you can be sure that we’ll be tracking the competition from wherever we are in the world.  We wish all the best to our fellow competitors!

Check out our submission video below as well as the other teams and towns that were nominated by clicking here.

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