A New Horizon

A New Horizon

A huge congratulations to Gone with the Wynns. They have won the Best of the Road Rally and will get to drive away with the Saab 9-4x. As sad as we are to part with that beautiful car we are even more excited to have made the friendships that we have and to had the opportunity to take this journey across America. You can take a look at the log of our pilgrimage


We want to thank Rand McNally and USA Today for all they’ve made possible for us.

However, for us, the exploration doesn’t stop here. On Sunday Tawny and I begin a new road trip. This time we head north to Washington state where we begin preparations for our journey around the world.

Follow along and join the excitement! We will be filming small towns along the way as we venture towards our homes. Don’t miss a second as we continue to blog and churn out video about our explorations through the heartland of America on our way towards the Maverick Expedition.

We love you all. Keep on Exploring.

-Captain and Clark

Take a look at the Maverick Expedition.


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