Live like a dolphin

Live like a dolphin

As we’re making our preparations for the Maverick Expedition and I am finishing up the documentary for the Columbia River Expedition I stumbled upon a gold mine of excitement. Now I obviously love adventure, and the sea, and water travel. Turns out that the brilliant boys down at Innespace, a unique new company that is diving into our imaginations, have already come up with a craft that satisfies all my desires in one fell swoop.

Behold, the Seabreacher.


photo by Innespace


This combination short-term submarine/ high-speed jet ski have taken the multi level worlds of air and water and merged them into a seamless experience. If you’ve ever wanted to swim like a dolphin or play like an orca then prepare to have your dreams come ripping up from the depths of your mind into reality.

These 215hp high performance vessels are only built to custom desires as they circle their way into the market. However if you have a little (as in a lot) of extra change lying around and you need a more efficient way to shuttle super models back and forth from your private island then this is the craft for you.

Don’t let the price deter the rest of you however. In fact let it make you vocal. The more people who express interest in these incredible craft the more likely it is that a rental facility will pop up . As it stands right now there aren’t any.

So, if you have a passion for fast engines and turning heads take some time and share this story with a friend. Let’s get the Seabreacher out there and available for the common man.

For more information on the Seabreacher take a look at their site HERE.

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