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La Casa de la Playa. Siquijor, Philippines

La Casa de la Playa. Siquijor, Philippines

The single most beautiful and magical hotel in the Philippines. It transcends the boundaries of a normal guest house experience.

While you are at La Casa de la Playa you are family. All of the staff know your name and everyday you are welcomed back to a place that feels more like home than the home you left. So much so that 16 years ago German ex-pat and owner, Terry found herself unwilling to leave. If you aren’t careful you might end up staying forever too, and for the price, you can.

La Casa de la Playa is an experience as much as lodging. Ten bright stars from Captain and Clark. The also offer: -Island tours, home cooked meals , a chance to meet the witches of the island, rental motorcycles, boat tours, laundry facilities, and so much more.

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It should be noted that while we received complimentary accomodations from Casa de la Playa, our thoughts and views are completely are own.  No one puts baby in the corner. 

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