Monowi, the town of ONE

Monowi, the town of ONE

In northern Nebraska there is a town where you can always find the librarian, bartender, and mayor in the local bar. Why? They’re all the same person. Monowi is a town of one!

If you’re interested in visiting Monowi you’ll have quite the trek to get there. Most of the roads into it are flooded currently and you’ll have to ask for directions from a local. There shouldn’t be any problem there though. We stopped and asked for directions at a local farm. Not only had the farmer there heard of the town he loved it, and was often a local at the public library. He was kind enough to draw us a map.

It might seem a like a lonely destination but, we actually had a hard time getting to talk to the mayor. She was so busy with customers that we had to wait in line to get a moment alone for her interview. Even then she was still talking to county workers about road repairs and taking orders for a couple that as driving through town (though from where I do not know.)

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