We Made It!

We Made It!

Welcome to Ecuador!

We’ve made it.  After 24 hours of air travel and 48 hours of consciousness we rolled into Quito, Ecuador late last night. Today we managed to explore the stunning streets of Old Town and find our last-minute flights to the Galapagos.  We were a touch apprehensive about finding a last-minute deal but the helpful amigos at Access Ecuador Trips were more than happy to help us.

We ended up getting the only two available seats left for the 24th. An excellent stroke of fortune, as we are meeting our host tomorrow.  While on the Galapagos we’ll be volunteering with an organization called New Era Galapagos.  We’ll be able to work with the local youth as well as make a video for the organization.

Stay tuned, as soon as we can find a better connection for our internet, we’ll be filling you all in with more details.

Until then, keep on exploring.

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