Las Encantadas

Las Encantadas

Leaving Quito, Ecuador

The Enchanted Isles, the Galapagos, our home for the week, what ever you call it, it is a land of wonder. Tawny and I arrived in the small town of Puerto Baquerizo Morenoon San Cristobal yesterday. Setting down on the oldest of the Galapagos islands was like watching my dreams walk out of sleep and into reality. We quickly claimed our bags in a daze and met our guide, William. William owns a local non-profit school called New Era Galapagos. For the first week that we´re in the Galapagos Tawny and I will be volunteering. The volunteers here work to teach the children English on the week days and basic citizenship on Saturdays. The Mission of New Era Galapagos is to create creative and well prepared members of this society. Citizens that co-exist with the endemic species in the Galapagos and strive for sustainable futures.

Since William opened New Era Galapagos, hé´s seen several of his students grow up and abandon their family trade of fishing and go on to be scientists or tour guides. They end up making significantly more money for their families and help preserve this magical land.

Tawny and I got thrown right into a class when we arrived yesterday and we didn´t miss a beat. Two years of teaching in Korea has turned us into hardened veterans at this. Besides, the volunteers here only work from 3 to 7, five days a week. Usually only for two hours, depending on how many volunteers are here at the time. That´s nothing compared to the 12p to 11p back to back zoo that we had in Korea. We also are really impressed by our co-worker Chris (from England.)

To make everything even better we´re staying with a lovely host family. Puerto Baquerizo Moreno is the only town on the island of San Cristobal, and though it´s the capital of the Galapagos it has remained provincial. If you really want to experience the place, the best way is to stay with a local family.

Tawny and I couldn´t be more thrilled.

Aside from teaching english while we´re here we´ll also be helping New Era Galapagos by putting together a promotional video for them. On top of that is also our ever-present mission of finding a way to Post Office Bay. William is helping us scout around and we´ve begun talking to local tour companies trying to find a way out to the bay. Possibly by offering our talents as videographers and spicing up the deal with a little bit of free publicity. Nothing is as valuable as reputable exposure.

Until then though we are contenting ourselves with exploring the island. Everywhere we turn, sea lions (Los lobos del marino, a better name if you ask me) litter the beaches. And the benches. And the sidewalks. And the chairs…

Our internet is slower than evolution but we´ll try to find a way to get a few of our videos up online. Until then keep reading and we´ll keep you all up to date on our progress out to Floreana, and the infamous Post Barrel!








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