Life Long Dream – Embarking Today

Life Long Dream – Embarking Today

I´ve been standing on the beach fastening buoyant sticks together, in an attempt to make a raft. I figured that if I could find enough cloth might even be able to fashion a sail, or perhaps harness some sea turtles for propulsion. It was while I was making a rather admirable looking craft that the winds of fortune changed.

Now every traveler should have a handy tool kit of useful skills that they can use to work their way around the world. For example, a doctor would have an easier job finding someone to show them around than, say, a professional Star Craft player would. As Tawny and I learned this morning, being a professional videographer has its perks.

Today we will be embarking with the crew of the stunning yacht, The Odyssey. The helpful people at Voyagers Travel Company hooked us up with a last-minute deal. And by last-minute I mean the very last possible minute they could find. The cruise leaves in two hours and just happened to be embarking from our island of San Cristobal. We managed to get on-board by offering them some video work.

Stay tuned to that situation because the Odyssey is a flawless vessel with an incredible reputation. We are expecting to see the Galapagos through the eyes of expert guides and from some often unseen vantage points.

The best news of all is that we will be making a stop at Post Office Bay! This Thursday we are going to be coming ashore in the infamous bay where countless sailors have left correspondence to their loved ones over the centuries.When we do, we will be depositing our own letters, and those we were dispatched with. We will also be requisitioning several from the barrel and preparing to deliver them around the world. This is a monumental development for us since Post Office Bay is one of the most restricted parts of all of the Galapagos.

As exciting as this all is, it has left me with a well-crafted raft that I now have no immediate purpose for.

So this is it. As excited as we are it will still be sad to bid farewell to our friends here on the island. It´s only been a few days, but Marieke (our ever charming Dutch companion) has been an invaluable guide for us on San Cristobal. She has shown us all of the most fascinating part of the area. Our fellow teacher, Chris, has also been quite the resource for us. If not for his guidance we would never have found the most amazingly seasoned BBQ at San Jose. My taste buds swoon at the thought.

We´ll keep you all updated as we cruise the islands.

Until then, keep exploring.

– Captain Chris

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