Drinking coca tea in Quito, Ecuador.

Drinking coca tea in Quito, Ecuador.

As you may know from previous posts, we’re very passionate about the coca plant and its positive impact on South American countries.  We believe that the eradication of the coca plant is not only unnecessary, but also extremely harmful to the indigenous people that cultivate and harvest the coca leaves.  Tawny has had many opportunities to drink coca tea, sample coca candy, and even suck on the coca leaves themselves.  Chris was able to finally try some coca leaf tea while we were in Quito, Ecuador.  In the video below, Chris highlights the useful and important properties that the coca leaves hold.

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To read more about our stance on coca leaves and their importance, check out Tawny’s post here.

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      Can’t wait for our coca tea experience. I heard it helps asthma (OMG I may be able to breathe!)

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        Erica, it’s amazing! It helps with asthma, altitude sickness, stomach aches, and so much more. Try not only the coca tea, but a regular coca leaf. Just stick it between your gums and teeth. My gums got a little numb after a while but it worked even faster 🙂

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