#RTW Dinner Party

#RTW Dinner Party

A few weeks ago we were talking with a few new friends on twitter when @twoOregonians came up with a brilliant idea.  They decided to hold an online dinner party where other travelers could “meet”, enjoy some snacks, and get to know each other.  We were asked to bring some dishes and relax in the company of new friends.

We’ve been exceptionally busy the past couple of weeks but couldn’t miss an opportunity like this.  Consider us ‘fashionably late’ (but well worth it once you see what we brought).  We can’t wait to meet everyone and share stories of travel and adventure.

Friends, foods, and table talk from travels around the world.
(To see how the party started, check out the #RTWdinnerparty page.)

Meet and Mingle.

Hello there!  We’re Chris and Tawny, also known as Captain and Clark.  Just incase you’re wondering, Chris actually is a certified sailing Captain and Tawny’s last name is Clark (creative, no?).  We attended the same university but it wasn’t until a school sponsored trip to Tanzania that we met and inevitably fell in love (cue the ‘ahhhhs’).  Since then we haven’t looked back.  We shipped ourselves off to Korea where we planned to stay and teach English for six months.  Six months turned into two amazing years and in May we returned home to Washington state.

Tawny is originally from Hawaii and aside from traveling she loves coffee, baby animals, cheese, touching things she shouldn’t, and checking things off her bucket list.

Chris hails from Washington state and as of July, he has officially been to all 50 of the U.S. states.  Chris enjoys the open sea, things that go fast, pop music, extreme exploration, and dogsled teams.

Together we have one furry child who we love to death.  His name is Ares and he is a doll-faced persian cat that we adopted from Korea.  He has two different colored eyes, a mohawk, and the personality of a dog.  We walk him on a leash and neither he, nor we, are ashamed of it.

Dinner Specialty

We brought dessert!  The perfect treat for this cool fall weather, we packed some fixings to make 호떡 (ho-dduk) and bungeobbang (붕어빵).  Ho-what, you ask?  Ho-dduk is a Korean treat that is traditionally served during the colder months.  It’s basically a fried pancake stuffed with brown sugar, honey, cinnamon and crushed nuts.  You serve it fresh off the griddle and the hot, gooey center makes you feel all warm inside.  If you want to get crazy, you can even add a side of ice cream to your ho-dduk.

Bungeobbang is another treat for the colder seasons.  Keeping with the breakfast-dessert theme, it’s best described as a stuffed waffle that comes in the shape of a fish.  These waffle-fish can be filled with either red bean paste or a sweet cream.  We prefer the cream ones but we brought some of each for our special party.

We hope you enjoy these sweet Korean treats!

Table Talk Updates on our recent travel(planning) escapades:

Not being able to sit still for long, we began planning the Maverick Expedition well before we returned from Korea.  It’s a trip seven years in the making that started with one of our first conversations.  To make a long story short, we’re basically becoming mailmen.  Yes, it sounds a little weird, but this video might just explain it better than we can:

So there you have it.  In a few months we’ll be taking off to hand deliver these letters to strangers across the globe.  We are so excited to tell this tale of communication, discover new countries, and inevitably meet new friends.  Hopefully we’ll be able to bring them to a few of our future dinner parties.

We love to hear other travelers’ stories of exploration and (mis)adventure.  We’ve also recently updated our bucket list and always enjoy hearing what others have on theirs.  And… it’s never a true get-together until Chris goes around the table and asks everyone what their spirit animal would be.  Great table talk, for sure.
We want to thank @twoOregonians for hosting this dinner party and we look forward to more in the future!
Keep on exploring,


October 2011 #RTWdinnerparty link-up:

@twoOregonians (Main Dish) Pacific Northwest Grilled Salmon
 (Vietnamese Feast) Roasted Suckling Pig, Peking Duck, BBQ Spare Ribs, and more!
@luggageinhand (Dessert) Bougatsa: Greek Pastry
@backpackforever – (Side) Migas: Tex-Mex Specialty

11 thoughts on “#RTW Dinner Party

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      Fashionably late is better than never! I made sure to save some room in belly. Aren’t you glad we saved the head of the suckling pig for you. 😉 Lol.. And who knows, maybe Jill can share a cupcake from her candy bar birthday treat. Glad you guys made it to dinner. Hope all is well on on your Maverick Expedition.

      I can’t wait to try waffle-fish next year. Thanks for sharing!

      • Author gravatar

        The head? Just for us? You’re too kind! We wouldn’t want Jill to overload on the sweet treats… I’ll volunteer to take a cupcake off her hands. 🙂 The waffle-fish is sooo good. It warms up your entire body and tastes like you’re kissing an angel!

    • Author gravatar

      HOly cow that ho-dduk sounds delicious… Can’t wait to try the real thing! I’ll have one ala mode please!

      • Author gravatar

        It’s probably one of my top-5 favorite foods in the entire world. It’s so incredibly good on a cold winter day. Plus, the ice cream makes them a great treat that you can also enjoy when it’s warmer. You guys will love it!

    • Author gravatar

      Hey you two, welcome to the party! 🙂

      I’m so curious now to try ho-dduk and bungeobbang; and really, with the autumn weather settling in on the northwest, it’s about time for something warm and sweet. My {B’s} younger brother studied abroad in South Korea last year — I’ll have to ask him if he’s eaten either of these dishes.

      Thanks for sharing more about your travels! And serious props for the use of Legos. 😉 It’s going to be fun to follow along and see where your letter-deliveries take you…

      It’s been terrific to get to know everyone’s stories (and delicious food recommendations) — thanks so much for being a part!

      • Author gravatar

        Thanks for an amazing party! You two are the most gracious hosts and we’re so grateful for the idea and chance to participate. We hope we have many more social gatherings to come. We can’t wait for the big reveal to be able to put names to faces. We’re so excited to follow you on your journey. Who knows? We might able to meet up and dine together in real life 🙂

    • Author gravatar

      I love Korean food. It seems that I have been missing out on a lot, though, by sticking only to savory dishes! On the animal spirit question, I actually found a site that helps you figure our your animal spirit. Apparently, I’m a hawk!

      • Author gravatar

        AWESOME! We’ve been grappling with what our spirit animals are for years. Chris thinks he’s a snow leopard while I think I’m a jaguar. It changes every year though! It’ll be nice having a hawk at the table. Thanks for stopping by! We look forward to many more meet-ups in the future.

    • Author gravatar

      Okay, it’s official, now that I’ve seen what you are bringing to the party I definitely think you guys should find your way back to the Carolinas! I would love to have some of these delicious Korean treats! The Bungeobbang has such wonderful presentation.

      • Author gravatar

        Well we just might have to! Burger + sushi? I don’t know if it gets any better. If you ever find yourselves in the Seattle area be sure to let us know! We’d love to show you around and make some bungeobbang!

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