Washington’s Annual Cider Press

Washington’s Annual Cider Press

Chris’s self-proclaimed “best holiday in the world” just began and ended last weekend.  Dubbed Pider Cress (you read that right), the annual cider press is a family event and one that we’ve missed the past two years while living abroad.  Last year Chris swore that he wouldn’t miss another and he held true to his word.  With help from over 20 family member and friends, we cleaned, sliced, crushed, and bottled well over 1,000 lbs of delicious Washington apples.

While we can’t disclose the secret family recipe for the best apple cider in the world, we can give you a little insider’s peek as to what goes on every second week in October at the family orchard.

Psst.  Off the record- we used golden delicious, red delicious, and good old granny smith apples.


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