Relationship advice from the Galapagos.

Relationship advice from the Galapagos.

Relationship advice taken from the albatross:

1. Mate for life.  Everyone loves a loyal partner.
2. Spend over half the year apart.  Distance makes the heart grow fonder, right?
3. Fighting can often lead to making up (wink wink).

Check out the video below to see a little albatross flirting from our time in the Galapagos islands.


Did you know that the albatross have the longest wingspan of any bird?  Well, it’s true.  They can reach lengths of up to 11 feet.  That’s like putting another me on top of my shoulders.  They’re also extremely bad ace in that they can drink salt water.  How’s that for a party trick?  If that doesn’t color you green with envy, how about the fact that they can glide– as in “float in air” and not even have to flap a wing, for hours.   So lazy, so jealous.  The next time someone asks you what animal you’d like to be, you might want to give the albatross a shot.  Drink salt water, fly for hours, and you know what they say about birds with big wings…



… big wingspans, dirty.  Get your mind out of the gutter.

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