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The most haunted house in Korea

The most haunted house in Korea

In the spirit of Halloween, we decided to pay tribute to one of the most haunted locations in South Korea.  While many Korean academies can be some of the scariest places on earth, we decided to visit one of the only haunted houses that we heard of while in Korea.  When we told our Korean co-teachers that we planned on visiting the house, they told us that it was a terrible idea and that we might bring back demons with us.  They were actually so scared that most of them honestly thought that we weren’t going to return.

Being the adventurers that we are, we decided that we not only had to go to this haunted house, but that we should document our entire experience.

The Story:

The most haunted house in South Korea

We only heard rumors of the haunted house from our fellow co-teachers and hapkido master.  None of the stories seems to match, but everyone who told us about the house seemed equally afraid and uneasy about our visit.  The two most common stories that we heard were that the house was built upon a mass grave of Korean soldiers that perished during the Korean war.  It was said that visitors to the house will often hear the desperate cries of young boys begging for help.

Haunted places in Korea

The second story we heard somewhat coincides with the first.  Our hapkido master told us that the owner of the house was killed in a car accident, and that any one who tried to buy the house after that died. Whatever the story really is the truth is this.

Scary things to do for Halloween in South Korea

The house is an old two story building with a small basement room. It’s unusual in that abandoned buildings are something of an anomaly in Korea. It’s spattered with graffiti and overrun with geese. While we were there it looked as if someone had been sleeping in one of the rooms. There was a nest of bedding, recently turned over, and a pile of empty food cartons.

South Korea's most haunted house

To get to the house we had to ride an hour north of our town of Pohang on our motorcycle. The scariest part was that we went with our two British friends who shared a scooter that was far too small to be on the highway.

How to visit South Korea's most haunted house

When we arrived we documented the house. We decided to make camp that night across the street from the house on a beach.

Things to do for Halloween in South Korea

The video above, documents the journey. When playing back the audio from the basement we heard voices. A popular Korean TV show at the time had also recently filmed in this location. They also recorded voices on the audio tracks that they hadn’t heard at the time. It is speculated that this is due to a local radio tower, perched just above the house.

Creepy haunted house in South Korea

Our Korean friends swore that the only reason we survived and didn’t hear the ghost’s voices was because we could barely speak Korean at the time.  What do YOU think?

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      Ha! “The scariest part was that we went with our two British friends who shared a scooter that was far too small to be on the highway.” You crack me up. Great time reading this and enjoyed the video too.

    • Author gravatar

      Cursed house i suppose? Nice video 😀

    • Author gravatar

      this seems like a good place to go to, i think you should check out other haunted places in Korea as well like Gonjiam Psychiatric Hospital in Gyeonggi-do, South Korea.

    • Author gravatar

      I love reading the stories from those who visited the place. Anyway, it was too short, I kinda expecting more about your experiences especially when you guys spending one night in that area. I wish I have extra money to travel to Korea someday and visit this place. Anyway, thank you for the story and the real picture of yours.

    • Author gravatar

      I stumbled across your vlog 5 years after you posted it. I’m leaving a comment just in case you happen to find it and are still interested.

      I’ve been on what feels like a gazillion paranormal investigations. So, what we’ve gathered is that the reason you didn’t hear anything while you were there, is because humans’ range of hearing has a very narrow range. If spirits aren’t speaking within that range we won’t hear them. However, recording devices have capability to recor a broader range of sound. Therefore,voices and sounds that weren’t heard by the human ear can be heard on audio playback.

      You probably have figured all of this out by now but thought I’d share anyway.


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