Wandering Wednesday: Nod ‘n’ Smile discovers Peru.

For our Wandering Wednesday guest posts we ask a fellow travel blogger to highlight one place (city or entire country) that has been one of the most memorable for them. It can be a fond type of memorable, or “my hair caught on fire, I contracted rabies, and my luggage was stolen”- type of memorable. The good, the bad, and […]

Help make our dreams come true…

As explorers, we come from a long and glorious tradition of discovery, trail blazing, and … asking for money.  Even Columbus needed some support from the royals! Well, our time has come.  As most of you know, we recently completed the first part of The Maverick Expedition- the epic journey that will soon take us around the world.  It was […]


As avid travelers, we’ve had our bucket list for years.  There are so many things that we want to learn and accomplish in the world.  It wasn’t until Maria from @LatinAbroad decided to provide an outlet for us to share our travel bucket lists.  Now, we get together every Wednesday (via twitter) and chat using the hashtag #TravelBL.  If you […]

#RTW Dinner Party

A few weeks ago we were talking with a few new friends on twitter when @twoOregonians came up with a brilliant idea.  They decided to hold an online dinner party where other travelers could “meet”, enjoy some snacks, and get to know each other.  We were asked to bring some dishes and relax in the company of new friends. We’ve […]