Samgyupsal: A delicious Korean dish.

While living in Korea we found ourselves constantly trying new dishes that we had never heard of before.  Some were great (read: 호떡 (ho-dduk) and 붕어빵 (bungeobbang)) while others weren’t as pleasing (read: silkworm larvae).  If there’s one Korean dish that most foreigners find deliciously satisfying, it’s probably samgyupsal. So what exactly is samgyupsal?  The literal translation actually means “three layers […]

The Top 10 Best Ways We’ve Traveled

In all of our world travels there have been some bumpy roads. Often the way you go down the road of life is as unexpected as the destination. Of these many roads though we have taken meticulous notes on our top 10 favorite ways to traverse the world. NUMBER 10 – A Saab 9-4x When Rand McNally told us we’d […]

How to order coffee in Seattle [video]

As noffbassadors for the wonderful Nomading Film Festival, we were given the task of making a video depicting how to properly order a cup of Seattle coffee. An extra hot, grande, non-fat, split-shot, black and white mocha with extra whip. Yes, that’s an actual drink.  One that my mother really orders.  Little known fact, back in the day I used […]

What 11/11/11 means in Korea

Ahhhhh November 11th is finally upon us! November 11th aka 11/11 is PEPERO DAY in Korea. What is Pepero you ask? Well, it’s a delicious stick-like cookie that is dipped in various flavors of scrumptious chocolate. See mouthwatering picture below: source Now those are special gourmet peperos featured above. Most of them are a tad bit more simple and they […]

Living like a local in Seattle [video]

We recently realized that while we have videos from various nooks and crannies of the world, we have little on our beautiful and diverse hometown of Seattle, Washington.  Being the birthplace of Starbucks, Seattle is notorious for its coffee culture.   Take a peek as we step inside the world’s first Starbucks, the legendary Pikes Place Market, and stand under […]

Korean customs faux pas.

Last week’s #ttot (travel talk on twitter) revolved around different customs around the world.  I was amazed at some of the traditions and figures of speech that are so unique and different from our own.  My favorite figure of speech snafu was from Leah from Leah’s Travels… It’s an adjustment for everyone involved. [I] had an Indian kid tell me […]

Happy Birthday, Travel Love

On Tawny’s Birthday, I often take a moment to reflect on why she is the perfect travel companion. I’ve had the rare and wonderful honor of seeing so much of the world with her, and here’s why I wouldn’t have wanted to do it with any one else. You’re hardcore. And you’re beautiful. And fun to take out to dinner. […]

Korean Kids Say the Darnest Things Part 2

It’s time for round 2 of the crazy things our Korean students used to say to us.  If you didn’t catch the first round, you might want to click here.  To catch you up, Chris and I taught English in South Korea for two years and fell in love with the country.  We had some pretty amazing students and we […]