What 11/11/11 means in Korea

What 11/11/11 means in Korea

Ahhhhh November 11th is finally upon us! November 11th aka 11/11 is PEPERO DAY in Korea. What is Pepero you ask? Well, it’s a delicious stick-like cookie that is dipped in various flavors of scrumptious chocolate. See mouthwatering picture below:


Now those are special gourmet peperos featured above. Most of them are a tad bit more simple and they come perfectly packaged in the boxes below. There’s the normal stick dipped in chocolate, there are some that have peanuts and almonds and others that are inside-out.

The start of Pepero Day is surrounded by mystery. Some say that it began when two Korean school girls exchanged peperos in hopes to one day become tall and lean like the cookie itself. They exchanged these cookies on 11/11 which coincidentally looks like pepero sticks standing side by side. Others (including myself) claim that it was a consumer holiday started by the Lotte brand in order to increase product sales. I mean seriously, we don’t have Oreo Day back in the States (although I would not protest).

I thought that the boy and I were big enough pepero fans, but it turns out that Ares has got quite the sweet tooth. He grabbed the box and tried to gnaw his way to the cookie delights.
Someone was a wee bit pepero drunk after we finally got the box open.

Yup, that picture is of me combining a banana and chocolate pepero. Great flavor combo if I do say so myself.

There you have it. One of my most favorite Korean consumer holidays.

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