Captain and Clark’s Travel A-Z

Hooray!  Our friend Cailin from and Cailin Travels has nominated us to complete the A-Z travel questionnaire.  We’ve been enjoying ourselves while reading these all over the web and are so thrilled that we get the chance to complete our own. A: Age in which you first internationally traveled. For Tawny, it was 16.  She played for a select soccer league […]

Wandering Wednesday: Sam’s Playground Discovers Utah

For our Wandering Wednesday guest posts we ask a fellow travel blogger to highlight one place (city or entire country) that has been one of the most memorable for them. It can be a fond type of memorable, or “my hair caught on fire, I contracted rabies, and my luggage was stolen”- type of memorable. The good, the bad, and […]

Foreigners say the darnest things…

Here at Captain and Clark we often talk about the silly things the our Korean students used to say.  You can click here and here for a sample of those little gems.  Today’s post is going to be a little different.  Instead of focusing solely on what our student’s used to say, today we’re going to reveal some of our […]

Score cool prizes for an awesome cause: Passports with Purpose

We cannot say enough about how much we love the travel blogging community.  Since officially starting our blog this year, we’ve experienced so much support and appreciation from our peers.  We’ve met some awesome people (lifers, I tell ya) and have been able to forge friendships that will probably withstand the test of time… and maybe the life of our […]