• Friday , 1 August 2014

Touring Seattle from Underground.

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Not many people know that the city of Seattle is actually built upon… an old city of Seattle.  Sure, you’ve heard about the Great Chicago fire but did you know that Seattle also experienced a fire that brought down 30 city blocks?  The 1889 fire rendered old Seattle city what it is today- buried underneath the soil of the emerald city.  We’ve known about the Underground Seattle tour for a while now, but it wasn’t until last week that we were able to see it for ourselves.  Check out the video below to learn all about the Seattle that once was, complete with corruption, sex, deceit… and plumbing problems.

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20 comments on “Touring Seattle from Underground.

  1. Really good piece I have been in Washington since 1996 and have never seen the underground Seattle, Have to go there sometime in the future.

  2. I have to say I am SO PLEASED with all the incredible posts coming out about Seattle this week! I’m not definitively ‘from’ anywhere, but I spent a good portion of my life there, and the Underground is an awesome thing to do. Even though it’s touristy, I feel like it’s so worth it… my friends and I went for fun a few times. Great video with tons of history, thanks for sharing!

    • We’re glad you liked it! It is one of the most touristy things we’ve ever done but we really enjoyed it and learned so much! Seattle truly is a beautiful city. When will you visit the Emerald City again?

  3. So basically I love your video. It’s pretty much how I wanted my blog to be, lots of posts with video interspersed. It’s not though. So I kinda hate you. LOL

    Seriously, well done video there! We loved the underground when we were there in September.

    • Awww thanks for the compliment, I think. :) It’s not too late to incorporate video into your site! Glad you liked the video and sad we missed you guys when you were here! Let us know the next time you’re in Seattle.

  4. Superb work you guys. My hands would be way too shaky for any decent quality video! Hopefully we’ll get some videos going along the trip. Bandwidth is hard to come by on the road.

  5. I have wanted to do that damn tour so many times I can’t even count now. For some reason it just hasn’t happened. Great vid…as usual! I did put one together on the Pike Place… http://www.MikesRoadTrip.com/pike-place


  6. I am in LOVE with that first shot that goes from street level into underground! So awesome!
    You guys are wicked :)

    • You have no idea how happy we are that you noticed that! We were so excited when we put it together but didn’t think anyone would even give it a second look. Thank God for film producing friends! :)

  7. I agree with Cailin…I too loved that shot and actually meant to make mention of it and forgot. I also liked the grainy or old film filter look when you do that pan of the building…it goes from new to old for a second. That was really cool too. Very nice work!

    • Thanks Mike! We’ve been working on making our shots more interesting. It’s always great to hear feedback from fellow travel videographers that we look up to! We’d love to meet up whenever you get back to the Seattle area!

  8. Would love to meet up next time I’m in Seattle. My Dad has a condo on Alki Beach that is rarely used, so that’s where I’m hanging out when I’m up in the area. I also have a cousin in Renton. What part are you guys in? I’m hoping to meet Steve Miller, aka QI Ranger up there in July for a collaborative video project. Will you two be at TBEX this year in Colorado?

    • Awesome! We’re currently in Bremerton but also have family in Tacoma, Spokane and the Tri-Cities. We love to have a meet up with you and Steve. We’re still debating on whether we’ll be in the country for TBEX but if we are, we’d really like to go.

  9. Wow that was absolutely fascinating. I knew about the underground part but that’s about it, have never seen any of that and we’re the neighbors to the north in Vancouver :) Will have to consider checking it out next time we’re down south which is often. Thanks for sharing came by the stumble upon hop and have stumbled and +1 :)

  10. What an amazing blog you have! I am really impressed! I would love to see more about the underground old Seattle–how cool! Thanks for linking up at the Super Sunday Stumble last week. I’ve +1-ed and stumbled your post! Hope to see you at the hop again this week! -Christine

  11. I found your blog through almostfearless.com. Really great stories, photos, and videos!

  12. Quite interesting, though I didn’t like the video automatically starting, tad annoying.

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