Donate a Click for Adventure #escaperoutes

Donate a Click for Adventure #escaperoutes

Okay, we’re not really big on these kinds of posts.  I, myself don’t like them and tend to skip over them unless I know (and like) the people involved.  We don’t like to beg for likes and followers, but this is an exception to the rule.

The lowdown:

A few weeks ago we went to a casting call held by the same producers of the Amazing Race for a new reality series called Ford Escape Routes.  It’s an epic road trip with extreme challenges along the way.  What makes it even better is that we would use social media to help us complete and win challenges.  Along with that, our fans and followers would also have opportunities to win trips and prizes.

We pretty much aced the casting call and a few days later we headed back to Seattle for an on-camera interview.  We were feeling pretty confident after our on camera interview but were reminded that the teams they choose will need to have a strong social media following.

You already know what we’re asking for.  It hurts us to resort to this but this is a contest that was quite literally made for us.  Not only is it an epic adventure, but we could win $100,000!  That would be more than enough to complete the Maverick Expedition!

Reasons why it pains us to ask this of you:

1. We want to have a quality and dependable travel blog that excites and inspires other to travel… not one that constantly asks for followers, likes, or subscribers.

2. We don’t want to have to tell anyone if we don’t make it on the series.

Reasons why you should follow/like us:

1. Our travel videos have way more substance than Keeping up with the Kardashians.

2. We’re related to Kevin Bacon.

3. We provide funny and informative travel videos like the one below:


So what can you do to help us out?  It’s easy!  You can:

1. Follow us on twitter: @CaptainandClark

2. Like our page on Facebook:

3. Spread the word.

We have some stiff competition and can use all the love we can get.  It’ll bring you some good karma in the new year and every new like/follow will help feed a unicorn for a year.  Now who doesn’t want that?

Thank you for even making it through this post.  We have already experienced so much support from the traveling community and are so grateful for where we are today.  Now, let’s get us on that road trip!  You are the key to our ignition.


This little guy thanks you… and so does the sea lion.

2 thoughts on “Donate a Click for Adventure #escaperoutes

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      Followed and liked. Happy to support you guys! I found your travel blog a few days ago and have loved reading/watching about your adventures as well as your time living in South Korea. I love traveling and spent some time living and teaching in Korea, too, so your posts are right up my alley. Hope you make it onto the show and happy traveling!

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      Good luck getting on the Escape Route series. If your posts will be anything like the Seattle video you posted I would be more than happy to follow you guys! I am from Seattle and that video made me laugh! You captured the touristy parts of the city quite well. I hope you guys went to places like Gasworks or Fremont too, though.

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