The Hunt for the Monk

The Hunt for the Monk

This is a story about a Buddhist monk who got me wasted, hit on my mom, and gave me crabs.

He is very dear to my heart.


There are a few things that every adventurer secretly hopes they will find. Among those are: the title to a yacht, an unexplored cave, an unattended dog sled, and a treasure hunt. Tawny and I were lucky enough to get one of these. I’m sorry to say, it wasn’t the yacht.

It was the treasure hunt.

Now most people might delete the following email if they found it in their inbox. Disregarding it for some type of Russian Bride scheme. Tawny and I, however, are travel bloggers and adventurers. This is the kind of thing we live for. Not to mention for anyone in the entertainment industry, the ultimate litmus test for success is the number of your crazy obsessed fans. This was pretty much the jackpot.

The email read:

Hello Captain & Clark
Iam Ms. stranger…….AHa…..

Well Well Well….. I was hanging over the youtube like every other days at this evening..and somehow I ended up to see you guys’ channel…and watched videos you made in Pohang…and blogs,website and so and so and…… WAHT?

I am originally from POHANG…!!!! I was born in DeaGoo but I grown up and lived Pohang almost 2 decades..and I always thought my hometown is such a beautiful, amazing, spiritual place. Im sure you guys are already know what Im talkin about!;p

It just so thrilled when I found you guys’ journey in Pohang and want to wish you lots of luck!
(Hooa…..can’t think of what shoulda say? Just so thrilled….)

Oh well…. I am just so happy by accidentally because of you guys…and really thank you for doing this.
Even Im from Pohang I haven’t done anything for my hometown…yet! it’s so shame for myself!
Any ways….about me….My name is Sue and from Pohang.Iam 24 year old female..have a virginia, currently living in Brooklyn NewYork by hanging over and observing people on the street mysteriously…doing secret missions..For now it would be good enough to know about me this much…
So,…. As i saw you need an adventure…I will give you a secret mission….it might be a little bit challenge
but if you dare to brave enough I strongly suggest you to do this mission.
  • 1.First Mission

Go to Young Heung Dong WooBang and find a Geumee umma. The first clue is107. The second clue is
Gold animal.

  • 2.Second Mission

When you meet Geumee Umma, ask her if she can bring you guys to the holly monk Mook Sul on the date of
Bo Room. (What’s Bo Room?….um….is that a new room came out?)
(Repeat this word if she doesnt understand what you r talking)

  • 3.Third Mission

Watch and experience what normal Korean house wives do in the mountain for what!!??

  • 4.Fourth Mission

What Mook sul is doing in the mountain? Is he a normal monk? What does he really do well? what’s his
favorite song? Ask him if he has a rum….um….or you might need to bring it if you dare to want to know about
this holly monk’s secret…He has a hidden treasure in his soo sun sa.

  • 5.Fifth Mission

AHa Aha….Ahahaha…;) Mission completed? 😉 then I want a result!

Whether you do this mission or not, Im so glad to see your works and good to know that and will watch you and wish more luck.
Thank you do much. Good Luck..
Sue 😉
I know, right! AMAZING.
Needless to say Tawny and I immediately ran the email address through every ISP service we had availabel to make sure that it didn’t come from some shack in the plains of Siberia. Once we confirmed the fact that the email was legit, we were on that treasure hunt like white on rice. First thing first, we found the apartment complex mentioned in the first mission. Now if 107 had been a room number that might of been helpful. 107 turns out to be a building in the Young Heung Dong WooBang complex. How many rooms could there possibly be in the 107 complex you ask?
Oh, about 52. Well, precisely 52 to be exact.
 “Geumee Umma” was a hard clue to crack. “Geumee” we figured meant “gold.” Umma” was harder to figure out. All of our Korean co teachers had no idea. And you can’t just punch in a phonetic translation of Hangul into Google Translate. We had to go old school on this one. Just like Harrison Ford would have.
So of course I knocked on every door. Every single door.
“Anyeong Hasayeo. Geumee Umma?” I asked. After the first 13 floors of me knocking on doors asking for Golden Mom (we didn’t know that’s what we were asking until later) with camera crew in tow security finally came to ask us to leave.
 Now on a watch list and still no closer to our goal I sent an email to our mysterious Sue asking for another clue.
This is what we got.
What a fool I had been. I should have been looking for a Golden “Umma” (Mom) this whole time.
By this point security and I were on close terms. Well, he was very familiar with me at this point anyway. It turns out I should of asked him first.
“Geumme Umma?” I asked.
“Ugh,” he grunted and pointed to a directory. He showed me the right room, and we were off.

[To be continued…]

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