Wandering Wednesday: Nomadic Samuel Discovers India

Wandering Wednesday: Nomadic Samuel Discovers India

For our Wandering Wednesday guest posts we ask a fellow travel blogger to highlight one place (city or entire country) that has been one of the most memorable for them. It can be a fond type of memorable, or “my hair caught on fire, I contracted rabies, and my luggage was stolen”- type of memorable. The good, the bad, and the ugly. We’re taking it all.

For today’s Wandering Wednesday, we’re featuring Nomadic Samuel.  Samuel Jeffery is the wizard behind the curtain pulling the strings of Nomadic Samuel – Travel Blog – a travel site featuring photos, videos & quirky travel stories along with photography tips, interviews, esl tips, reviews and general travel advice. Additionally, Samuel runs other related sites: Smiling Faces Travel Photos , Travel Photography Tips , Teach English Travel Overseas & How To Make Money Travel Blogging .


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First things first, Why do you travel?

I’m self confessed travel junkie. I just feel so alive on the road where I’m constantly being stimulated by new cultures, experiences and people that I encounter. I love the sense of uncertainty that one feels when backpacking. I honestly, don’t make too many places and just let things unfold naturally. I might make a new friend, try a new food, get lost or feel inspired. Sometimes that all happens in one given day. It’s all of these moments that keep me going.

What brought you to India?

Prior to visiting India, I already had a lot of experience working and traveling in this part of the world. If anything, given my experiences in India, I wish I had gone sooner. It’s a fabulous country rich in culture, people and cuisine and just about as diverse of a place as I’ve ever been to before.

What was your most memorable experience (good or bad) from your time in India?

My most memorable experience was taking the trains in India. I just found it so fascinating. I met some very colourful people, drank plenty of Chai and looked out of the window in awe of all the beautiful scenery, slums and rural villages and large urban centres along the way.

Any advice for travelers headed to India?

India is an enormous country and trying to see and do too much all at once is a recipe for stress or failure. My suggestion, is to plan on visiting for a minimum of a month or longer, if time permits.

How did your experiences in India change you as a person and how you feel about travel?

Prior to visiting India, I had been backpacking for over a year and I had found myself feeling a bit under-whelmed by the constant routines of a nomadic life. India rekindled my passion for being on the road and provided me with the kind of stimulation I had been lacking for a while. I was also challenged at times. Overall, I really felt alive and in the moment when I was there.

Okay, last question. Where are you headed next and why?

I’ve recently visited friends in Korea and Taiwan and I’m now considering where to go next. I’m likely going to stay in Asia for the year. Countries that I’ve never been to before (such as Mongolia, Nepal, Burma, the Philippines and Sri Lanka) are high priorities for me.


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