Exploring New York with #ExpediaC2C

Exploring New York with #ExpediaC2C

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There’s a high likelihood that at this very moment we are stuffing our faces with New York City eats and treats.  That’s right friends, we’re in the Big Apple.  We were sent here by our good friends at Expedia to help cover the New York Times Travel Show.  We’ll be coming at you with an assortment of video recommendations on what to eat, where to visit, and how to best stalk a celebrity.

The bad news?  We’ve only got a few days to pack everything in.  The good news?  It’s winter… so the subways won’t smell nearly as bad as they did in the summer.

Kidding.  Kind of.

So here’s what we need from you.  Since we’ll only be in town for five days we need you to tweet or facebook us the best NYC recommendations you have to offer.  We’ll be filming the entire time so there’s a high likelihood that your requests will make it on camera and on Expedia’s website.  Be sure to tweet us with the hashtag #ExpediaC2C so we can keep track of all the goodness you’ll be sending our way.

If you happen to find yourself at the New York Times Travel Show please feel free to stop by (read: stalk us) and say hi.  We’ll be doing a few interviews about travel and would love to get you in front of the camera.

Want to keep tabs on us while we’re taking in the sites?  You can follow us on Twitter (@CaptainandClark) as well as fellow travel blogger Spencer Spellman (@SpencerSpellman).  We’ll all be exploring NYC together.  You can also get up to date info on our whereabouts by following the hashtag #ExpediaC2C.


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