Travel Photo du Jour [South Korean Hapkido Tournament]

This photo was taken at a hapkido tournament that Chris and I participated in while living in South Korea.  It was November 2010, and we had somehow been talked into competing by our hapkido master.  We had only received our black belts a few months prior and were no where near ready to compete against students that had been practicing […]

A Witch Hunt in the Philippines [Video]

“The Philippines!  The land of my people!” I sang as we headed to our terminal gate.  Chris looked down, smiled, and shook his head.  This had been my mantra for the past two months.  Ever since we had booked our tickets to the Philippines. It was Christmas of 2010.  We had decided to continue the tradition of experiencing Christmas in […]

Travel Photo du Jour! [Machu Picchu, Peru]

It was a wet and cloudy day when I first laid eyes on the aerial view of grand Machu Picchu.  I had spent the previous hour scouring the grounds and running my fingers along the centuries old stones.  I let my imagination run wild and tried to picture life back in the 15th century when Machu Picchu was thriving and […]

I want to “Go with Oh” to Paris, France! Le sigh.

Chris and I are definitely dreamers.  I’d say that we spend the majority of our time plotting and planning for our next global adventures.  It’s crazy to think of all of the experiences we’ve had together since first meeting on Mount Kilimanjaro.  We’ve received magical sak yant tattoos from a monk in Thailand, bungee jumped in South Korea, looked for […]

Why I Love Travel

Oscar Wilde once said, “To live is the rarest thing in the world.  Most people exist, that is all”. This quote can mean something different to each individual, but my mind immediately jumps to how I feel when I’m out exploring our world.  Travel ignites a fire within my soul.  It truly is when I feel the most alive.  It’s […]

Our Delicious NYC Day in Pictures.

Day two of our New York trip has been satisfying, to say the least.  Everyone knows that there are so many great things to do in New York, between shopping  at Macy’s or at Saks on the 5th avenue, riding bikes over the Brooklyn bridge, exploring Queens and Harlem, pay your respect to Ground Zero heroes, visiting the statue of Liberty… and the list […]