• Saturday , 2 August 2014

Why I Love Travel

Oscar Wilde once said, “To live is the rarest thing in the world.  Most people exist, that is all”.

This quote can mean something different to each individual, but my mind immediately jumps to how I feel when I’m out exploring our world.  Travel ignites a fire within my soul.  It truly is when I feel the most alive.  It’s a time when every one of my senses is heightened.

Take New York City.  The smells of the subway.  The bright lights of Times Square.  The never-ending sounds of ubiquitous traffic.  Tasting the exotic spices of the Middle Eastern food trucks.  Running my fingers over designer clothes that I’ll never be able to afford.  That’s just New York.  A 5-hour flight across the country.  I can only fantasize about the sensory overload I’ll experience in a country like India, Mongolia, or Borneo.  If I could bottle up the components of travel it would be a fragrance of tarnished leather, sweet wine, and fresh ocean air.

Much like a child scouring the beach for pretty seashells, I search the shores of Earth to collect understanding.  I look for God in the most desolate of places, search for humanity in a time of intolerance, and pursue peace in a world of chaos.  When I do find these little seashells, I place them in the bucket that is my memory, to be cherished forever.

I don’t travel to feel superior to others.  I don’t travel to collect “when I was in Africa” sayings.  I don’t travel for kitschy souvenirs or to fill endless photo albums.  I sure as hell don’t travel to escape.  If anything, it’s just the opposite.

I travel to build a life that I would never dream of escaping.

I travel to mold myself into the person that I want to be.

I travel to live.

Why do you travel?  We’d love to read your answer in the comment section below.  Liked this post?  Check out the rest of the site for more adventure travel stories

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15 comments on “Why I Love Travel

  1. I enjoyed reading your post and immediately recognized a familiar feeling. Not because I’m going to New York next month for all the reasons you mention but because travel has been a large part of my life in one form or the other for many years. I’m always excited at the thought of a new experience, a new culture and meeting new people. Long may it continue!

  2. I travel to live, and I live to travel! Travel makes me feel alive and it reminds me that I still have a pulse.

  3. Rachel on said:

    I’m 21, and it feels like the time since i was 11 has passed in the blink of an eye. If the rest of my life goes that bloody fast I’ll be an old lady before I know it, and I sure as hell don’t want to spend the time I have on this earth grocery shopping, watching tv and washing up! So I travel because I’m lucky enough to have realised early on that life is way to short, and goes way to quickly to waste it. I make the most of every opportunity because one day i want to look back on my life and remember adventures.

  4. Got to say that New York is actually right up there with other places we have visited around the world in terms of sights, sounds and smells! Maybe that is because we come from little old New Zealand so the big city lights were overpowering haha. Love every moment of travel though. Can’t wait to see you guys sometime on your travels too.

    • New York is a very unique and vibrant place. It seems like you’re in a completely different country while there. We’re hoping to make it over to your homeland in the near future. We’ve only heard incredible things about New Zealand!

  5. I think of travel as a celebration of life. I travel to be reminded of how amazing the world is, to appreciate small things, to learn and grow. It’s my favorite thing to do and I think that is because no matter what my gratitude grows when I travel.

  6. Love this. A lot.

    We travel to learn more about people and the world. It reinforces the truth that “all is one.”

  7. Great opening quote and the whole piece resonates with me, well said.

  8. I just love your travel blog and your spin on travel. The Post Office By in the Galapagos is awesome! We all love travel for different reasons, but I think you’ve captured so many reasons that excite terminal travelers! Happy Travels!

  9. You said it beautifully! I can relate to the feeling. :) I travel because there is so much beauty in the world in the most unexpected of places.

  10. Beautifully put! Travelling enriches the soul, sharpens the mind and improves your understanding! I travel to learn…

    Love the blog, kind regards, SI

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