I want to “Go with Oh” to Paris, France! Le sigh.

I want to “Go with Oh” to Paris, France! Le sigh.

Chris and I are definitely dreamers.  I’d say that we spend the majority of our time plotting and planning for our next global adventures.  It’s crazy to think of all of the experiences we’ve had together since first meeting on Mount Kilimanjaro.  We’ve received magical sak yant tattoos from a monk in Thailand, bungee jumped in South Korea, looked for witches in the Philippines, became travel videographers, and even slept under the stars in the Dubai desert.

All of those experiences have been memorable in their own right, but want to know our dirty little secret?

We’ve never experienced Europe together.  In fact, I (Tawny) have never been to Europe at all!  GASP!  It’s quite the travesty.

Get this.  I even speak French!  I might have spent 9 years learning the language and even have a bachelor’s degree in it.  While I’ve spent time in Martinique, I have actually never used my French in FranceC’est dommage.

Well, we want to change all that.  We’ve been dreaming of all the activities that we’d do while in the city of love. We tend to stray from the big tourist attractions of a location, but for Paris, we’ll have to make an exception.  So without further ado, our top 5 things we’d love to do in Paris.

  • Gorge ourselves on pain au chocolat, fromage, and French wine while enjoying a picnic underneath the Eiffel Tower.

Yes, it’s touristy.  Yes, everyone does it.  No, we don’t care!  In fact, we plan on doing this multiple times while there.  So judge away all you judges.  We’re going to do it, and we’re going to like it!

  • Wait at the steps of Saint-Étienne-du-Mont at midnight to see if a car will whisk us back to the 1920’s à la ‘Midnight in Paris’.

I mean, if Owen Wilson can do it, I’m sure we could too.  Who are we kidding?  We really just want to see Marion Cotillard in all her beautiful French glory.  Although meeting Hemmingway, Dali, the Fitzgerald’s, and Picasso wouldn’t hurt either.

  • Explore the catacombs of France. 

You might not think of piles of skulls and bones when someone mentions “Paris”, but we are dying (no pun intended) to explore the winding tunnels hidden underneath the city.  It might be a little morbid, but it’s out of the ordinary (I’m hoping) and has a story to be told.

  • Kiss the grave (and/or protective case) of Oscar Wilde and then get a tattoo of my favorite quote from him.

The rarest things is to live.  Most people exist, that is all“.  BOOM!  Not only is it my favorite Oscar Wilde quote, but it happens to be my favorite quote of all time.  Sadly, we’ve heard rumors that tourists are no longer able to kiss his actual grave stone, and have resorted to smooching a nearby tree instead.  We’re not too sure about getting bark all up in our grills, but we’ll just have to wait and see what happens.  In the meantime, I’ll be perusing the makeup counters for the best shade of lipstick.

  • Le Cimetière des Chiens et Autres Animaux Domestiques. 

A cemetery for your loyal four-legged friends?  Heck oui!  We’ve heard rumors that you can find a variety of beloved pets within the cemetery’s walls- dogs, cats, horses, and even a monkey or two.  You might even find that dog that dad “sent to the farm” a while back.  It’s strange, a little awkward, and in France.  What more could we possible want?

So there you have it.  Our beautiful, albeit weird list of goals we have for our future visit to Paris.  Let’s hope that we make it there soon.  If not, we’ll just have to continue to gorge ourselves on pain au chocolat, fromage, and French wine outside our nearest Safeway… and believe me, no one likes to see that.

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P.S. Did you get the featured image at the top?  We don’t have any images of Paris since we’ve never been… but I thought the picture of “pommes frites” that we recently took while in NYC would suffice for now.  N’est-ce pas?

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13 thoughts on “I want to “Go with Oh” to Paris, France! Le sigh.

    • Author gravatar

      This has made me even more excited to go next month!! xxx

    • Author gravatar

      If ever there’s a place to be and do all things cliche, Paris is it. One of my favorite places in the world. I can totally see you guys fromage and wine picnic under the Eiffel Tower. Lol. Too cute. Great post, guys!

    • Author gravatar

      What a fun check list! Especially the tattoo part – a souvenir you’ll never forget!

    • Author gravatar

      I was the same — despite all my travels around Asia, I’d still never been to Europe (minus one two-week trip to Ireland anyway) until I moved to Paris this year! Sadly of this list I’ve only accomplished waiting at the Midnight in Paris steps, and that was before I saw the movie so it was totally lost on me. Let me know if you do ever swing through Paris on your travels!

    • Author gravatar

      No, please, don’t add pomme frite when you talk about Paris. They are from Belgium !

      But I understand you about speaking French but never been there. I have a degree in swahili (from the university, like my main study, but I don’t know how to say it in English, “licence” in French) and I never been in Kenya nor in Tanzania. A shame !

      If you’ll end in Paris, please, don’t forget to ask me the name of the bakery which sells the BEST pain au chocolat ever. Truly the best, and I tried a lot of them to check.

      • Author gravatar

        Oh no! You’re so right. I didn’t even think about pommes frites being from Belgium. ::slaps wrist::

        It’s so cool that you have a major (is that the word you were talking about?) in Swahili. I absolutely love Swahili. I only know about 10 words and the “Jambo Bwana” song, but I would love to learn more some day.

        We will definitely let you know when we’re in Paris. I want to hear all about this pain au chocolat! 🙂

    • Author gravatar

      These are some great goals that you have. I think I might use some of them the next time I travel to Paris. I’m hoping to be going this year but, we’ll see. I love your post’s and the site.

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