A cross-state road trip with Pause the Moment.

A cross-state road trip with Pause the Moment.

Yesterday we embarked on a quest that took us on a 6 hour journey across the state of Washington.  With our new friends Will and Ryan from Pause the Moment, we set out on a search for Castle Staudinger.

Seattle to Spokane road trip

Some of you may already that know that Chris owns a castle.  Yes, a castle.  We wanted to show Will and Ryan a good time and thought that a road trip from Seattle to Spokane would be a great way to see all of Washington’s beautiful scenery.  Throw in a few greasy burgers, some archery, and a castle, and you’ve got yourself quite the party.

Chris and I absolutely love the drive from the west side of the state to the east.  The scenery changes from lush green forests, to snow-capped mountain ranges, then to the open plains.  We plan on spending the next few days exploring all the Spokane has to offer.  If you have any tips on to where to take our two out-of-town friends, be sure to leave your suggestions in the comment section below.

Until then, we arch!

Definitely check out Ryan’s blog at Pause the Moment.  You’ll find pictures of the castle and all the debauchery that follows.  If that’s not enough to titillate you, we should probably let you in on the huge adventure that both Ryan and Will are about to embark on.  We’re talking about a 1,500 mile road trip from Washington to Mexico on their BICYCLES.  Head to his site to learn more.


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