Life according to my iphone.

Life according to my iphone.

This past week has been a whirlwind of adventure and fun.  We’ve been frolicking all over the state with Ryan from Pause the Moment and his buddy Will.  Today they left us to embark on their Pacific Coast Tour.  I’ve taken so many pictures over the past seven days that I feel that they will tell the story of my week better than I ever could.

What say you, iphone?

doll faced persian kitty

washington road trip

delicious food

delicious french bakery

The Hunger Games, Game of Thrones, Catan

Never a dull moment… or an empty stomach.  We hope you enjoy your weekend.  We’d love to see pictures of your life through your phone.

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      Can I ask where the picture of the cat was taken? It looks so much like a van cat. They can always be spotted because of their white fur and different colour eyes. Is it that breed?

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        Hi Natalie! The picture is of our doll-faced persian. We actually adopted him while we were living in South Korea. We’ve seen pictures of the Turkish Vans. They’re beautiful. He looks a lot like them, but his head is HUGE and he’s extremely fluffy. We love the little guy.

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      Very cute idea!

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