Road tripping to VEGAS, baby.

Road tripping to VEGAS, baby.

We are so excited to announce that we are embarking on what’s going to be quite an incredible road trip!  This adventure kind of evolved over the past couple of days as we played with various modes of transportation to get us to Las Vegas for the big (and tasty) Uncork’d event happening this weekend.  Thanks to the #TNI weekly hashtag chat, Chris and I found ourselves with two tickets to the Grand Tasting for Friday night.   It’s going to be LEGIT.

After much debate, we decided that it would be better if we drove ourselves from Seattle to Vegas.  We’ll be able to save a ton of money (we drive a hybrid.  Woot woot), film more destinations for our show on RVNN, get hotel videos for Tripflims, and we’ll get to see and experience WAY more than if we fly.

Did I mention that we’re planning to hit up Palm Springs and San Francisco on the way back up to Washington?… ‘Cause we are!  I am desperately in need of some sun and relaxation and neither Chris nor I have been to Palm Springs.  It’s going to be glorious!

things to pack on a road trip
All packed up and ready to go.

Our itinerary thus far looks a little something like this:

Tuesday, May 8th:

Leave Bremerton, WA for Portland, OR.  Stay overnight with one of our close friends and get some rest.

Wednesday, May 9th:

Indulge ourselves in some Voodoo Donuts and Big Ass sandwiches (personally recommended to us by Adam Richman) before we leave Portland for Cave Junction.  Once we make it to Cave Junction, we plan on exploring and filming around town.  We’re crossing our fingers that we can get a stay at Vertical Horizons, a bed and breakfast retreat that is home to TREE HOUSES.  Yes, tree houses.

Thursday, May 10th:

Leave Cave Junction for Virginia City, Nevada.  We are so excited for this leg of the trip.  Thanks to Patrick from Virginia City’s CVB, we’ll be riding around in style (read: stagecoach) and staying at the incredibly cute B Street House Bed and Breakfast.  There’s a lot of filming to be done in this Victorian-era town.  Word has it, there are also camel races.  If that doesn’t peak your intrigue, I don’t know what will.

Friday, May 11th/ Saturday, May 12th.

Leave Virginia City and make our way to Las Vegas.  We’ll be shacking up at the Paris hotel (Oh là là) and wining and dining at the Uncork’d event later in the evening.  We’ll also be hanging out with Sandi and RIck from Midlife Road Trip.  So excited!  We’re also hoping to do some indoor skydiving, dune buggying, and tapas eating (thanks for the recommendations, Pause the Moment)!

Sunday, May 13th/ Monday 14th. 

Drive ourselves from Vegas to Palm Springs.  We’re hoping to stay at the lovely ACE hotel and maybe the Saguaro Palm Springs.  We have NO idea what we’ll be doing in Palm Springs but are definitely open to all suggestions that you can throw at us!

Tuesday, May 15th/ Wednesday, May 16th/ Thursday, May 17th. 

Drive to sunny San Francisco.  We plan on eating, drinking, and being merry!  Again, we’re definitely open to suggestions.  Hey Traveling Philosopher– we’re looking at you!

Friday, May 18th/ Saturday, May 19th.

Make our way to Ashland where we’ll be white water rafting!  Chris has never, EVER been. It should be a lot of fun.

Sunday, May 20th.

Head home.

So there you have it.  A quick rundown of where we’re planning to be over the next week and a half.  These plans are extremely tentative, but we couldn’t be more excited to see where we end up!


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