Road Trip.  From Portland to Weed in One Day.

Road Trip. From Portland to Weed in One Day.

Greetings from the town of Weed!

That’s right, we’re currently shacking it up in the lovely town of Weed, California.  We covered about 350 miles of road today and it was pretty glorious.  We’re pretty beat from the driving and the sun (we don’t get a lot of it in Washington), so we’re going to keep this post short and sweet.  Here’s a wee wrap up of the last 12 hours.

We left Portland in good spirits after having ourselves a delicious breakfast at Piroshki and a Pickle.  Chris and I split a beef and potato piroshki, and also shared a cherry piroshki for dessert.  They were fantastic.  We were also able to get our coffee fix.  I ordered a “Mocococo”- a coconut mocha, while Chris indulged in a “Russian Mafia” aka an Irish creme latte.

Piroshki and a Pickle beef and potato piroshkiAfter breakfast we set out for Cave Junction, a good 5 hour drive away.  The main reason why we wanted to visit the tiny town of Cave Junction was so that we could get a look at THIS…

Calypso tree house at Vertical Horions

A tree house!  Who doesn’t love a good ol’ fashioned tree house?  Vertical Horizons Resort offers three of these incredible tree forts.  We were able to give ourselves a little tour and get enough footage to make a sweet video of the place.  Give us a little time and we’ll have a blog post revealing all of the awesome details.  We cannot wait to go back and sleep in the trees (à la Katniss Everdeen).

Vertical Horizons Tree Houses Resort

After our little jaunt in the woods we headed back out on the open road.  We had no concrete plans as to where we were going to stay the night.  We consulted our road atlas (thank you Rand McNally) and decided that the town of Weed would be the perfect place to make camp.  We’re going to blog, upload, and edit a little before we pass out.  Tomorrow we’re heading to Virginia City where a stagecoach ride awaits us.  Until then, let’s drink in the gorgeous California sunset we had today.

California sunset

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