The Captain’s Travel Bag.

The Captain’s Travel Bag.

We’ve seen a few posts labeled “What’s in my suitcase” and “What’s in my purse” and decided that we needed to switch things up a bit. What really happened is that Chris dumped out his satchel as he was looking for a pen and we realized the sheer amount of crap useful items that he carries.  It’s no wonder he always gets flagged by TSA every time we go through security.  Take a look and let us know what you would think if you saw these come out of someone’s bag.

travel bag purse suitcase


Behold, in front of you lies the treasure trove of tokens that Chris carries with him at all times.  We have…

One compass
One sundial
One headlamp
One telescope
Two nine volt batteries
One extra camera battery
One carabiner
One knife sharpener
One RODE external microphone
Extra rubber bands for RODE external microphone
One boatswain’s pipe “whistle”
One fine point ink pen
One fine point gold embellished pen
One ballpoint pen
Three flash drives
One extra memory card
One Travalo cologne canister (with Jean Paul Gaultier “Le Male”)
One travel sized Advil
One Buddhist prayer bracelet
One RODE microphone adapter
Fifty feet of extra-strength cord
One chapstick
One moleskine
One lens cloth
One Tibetan prayer flag
One Bahraini peace silk
Business cards
Silver business card case
One compass/thermometer key chain


Yup, that’s all.  You better believe that we’re pretty much prepared for anything.  Don’t even get me started on what he keeps in his pockets.

What do you always carry with you when you travel?  We’d love to know in the comment section below.



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