Road Trip – Cruising up CA 101

Road Trip – Cruising up CA 101

Vegas blew my mind. That must come as no shock. It’s Vegas, right? I’m not really the Las Vegas type though. I don’t gamble, I’m not fond of too much glitz, or glam… but this time around was rock solid awesome.

This coming week we’ll have full write ups on both Sunbuggy Fun Rentals and Vegas Indoor Skydiving. We will also have videos on both! Not to mention I’ll be dishing up the low down on Uncork’d.

Driving North up 101

For now though we’re hanging out in the sleepy little coastal town of Santa Maria. Today has been a coma in the run on sentence of this wild road ride across the west coast. Santa Maria has ample charm, abundant hills, and so very little to distract you. Our highlights today involved disc golf on the green, legendary BBQ, and a drive-in movie. I think the last time I went to a drive-in movie I had to sit in a booster seat.

There is some magical rhythm to this town that keeps it from blowing away into the fasted paced thrill of the rest of the world. No wonder they filmed Sideways here. Tomorrow we’ll be back out on the road, hot on the trail to San Francisco. Today though it was nice to find a little town whose tourism industry lies not in its attractions as much as it’s style.


If I were to come to a place to take a true vacation, not the roller coaster ride of adrenaline that is my normal vacation, it would be here.

Where is the slowest paced place you’ve been too lately? Let us know below.


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