Road Trip – We’ve made it to San Francisco

Road Trip – We’ve made it to San Francisco

Exploring San Francisco

It’s sad to say but our glorious road trip is almost finished. We’ve made the bold turn north and will be back in Washington by Sunday. That isn’t to say that the trip is over though. Far from it in fact.

We rolled into San Francisco last night after cruising along the highway 101. Today we rode the San Fran bandwagon of cheap and free. Turns out there’s a grab bag of fun things to do in San Francisco for little to no money.

We started our day by checking out the “Painted Ladies” all around Alamo Square. Not only is the view incredible, but Tawny has a strange and passionate obsession with Full House. So much so that we even tracked down the actual fake house that the Tanner’s lived in.

The house that the Tanner family called home

San Francisco is a veritable open air art gallery. We stopped into the mural district to see the art. All along Balmy ally in the Mission district you’ll find art started in the 1980’s as a way to express outrage against human rights. It’s a rolling canvass that continues to change throughout the years.

Mural along Balmy Ally

We lingered longer than we expected.

Balmy Ally

Tawny living the dream

Afterward we explored Chinatown. By far my favorite part of San Francisco so far. It might be that it reminds me of being in Korea, or that I love being able to buy a full meal for under $5, but it might also be that I have a deep unexplored love for fortune cookies. We stopped into the fortune cookie factory and got an intimate look at how these little gems are made.

I didn’t know that they were still made by hand until today. I have to say, I have a massive amount of respect for those little cookies now and the group of women that spend their days folding them in half. Getting to see the fortunes going into the cookies was like looking behind the curtain in Oz.

Visiting the Fortune Cookie Factory

Tonight we’re reuniting with our old buddy the Traveling Philosopher, Spencer Spellman, as we hit up the wild party for Broke-ass Stewart. We’ll be dressed to the nines, looking like we’re living the high-life… but broke… as always.

Ah, the life of a travel blogger. Stay tuned, tomorrow we hope to be rolling out content on the last week.

Until then, feel free to comment below on your favorite thing to do in San Francisco.

3 thoughts on “Road Trip – We’ve made it to San Francisco

    • Author gravatar

      Your west coast road trip sounds like it’s been a lot of fun. Since I was a kid San Francisco has been high on travel wishlist, and yeah it’s pretty much to see the Full House house. But it also looks like a really great city. Any place with a good meal for under $5 is good by my standards.

    • Author gravatar

      Aww I miss the city! Even I’ve never had a proper fortune cookie from Chinatown! Haha

    • Author gravatar

      Love San Fran! And the food is amaaaazing there. Looking forward to reading/seeing more of your time there.

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