At it again with Rand McNally and Best of the Road.

At it again with Rand McNally and Best of the Road.

Well, we’re back on the road!  If you’re following us on Facebook or Twitter you are a saint.  That and you probably already know that we’re RVing it up with Rand McNally.  The second annual Best of the Road rally is about to embark on June 15th and we are more or less the hype team.  We are so stoked be back on the road and this time we get to do it in a huge Fleetwood RV.  We’re talking 40 feet of fun.

We arrived to Berrien Springs, Michigan on Friday afternoon for the G.L.A.S.S. RV rally.  We have spent the last couple of days meeting new friends, eating delicious food, and kicking back in our spacious RV.  Aside from all that frivolity, we’ve also been doing demos of the new Rand McNally GPS and reminiscing with anyone who will listen about our time with Best of the Road.

Rand McNally Best of the Road

If you haven’t already heard, Rand McNally and USA Today teamed up to create the Best of the Road rally.  Five teams of two were chosen to scour the U.S.A. looking for the best small towns in five different categories.  Teams will have four weeks to search for the most fun, best food, friendliest, most patriotic, most beautiful small towns.  They’ll be filming and blogging the entire way so that those at home can follow along on the adventure.

The rally officially kicks off on June 15th and we’ll be cruising along the east coast until we meet up with the teams at the starting line in Washington D.C.  We’ll be updating about life of the road and the RV life style as we go.

The next couple of weeks should be solid gold. We’ve already learned more about RVs than we ever expected. Just wait until tomorrow when Tawny learns how to dump the black water… ha.

Stay tuned.

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