Inside Harvey, the Best of the Road RV.

Inside Harvey, the Best of the Road RV.

We have spent the past few days in a palatial retreat on wheels.  Harvey, the aptly named Best of the Road RV, is our home for the next three weeks and you won’t hear us complaining. Harvey is a 40-foot Fleetwood Discovery that is taking us from state-to-state for a little Best of the Road pre-funk.  Harvey is also HUGE.  He has one full-slide and one half-slide, meaning that he can expand outward, giving us double the amount of space.  Check out the difference below…

This is what the interior looks like while the coach is moving.  The slides are pulled in and it’s a little cozy.

40 foot Fleetwood RV
Harvey with his slides pulled in while we’re on the road.

Here’s what Harvey looks like with both of his slides out.  It is a staggering difference!  I can do cartwheels around the living area.

Inside a 40 foot Fleetwood RV
Harvey’s interior in all its glory.

The beautiful Fleetwood coach comes with all the amenities of home.  We have a stocked kitchen complete with full-size fridge, microwave, sink, oven, and stove.  We even have a plasma screen TV in case one needs a little distraction while in the kitchen.  Don’t be alarmed.  If you don’t want to watch TV in the kitchen, you can watch it in the master bedroom, in either bunk bed, at the front of the coach, or on the OUTSIDE itself.  That’s a total of six TVs.  SIX.

Full slide RV kitchen
Our beautiful kitchen with one of our many TVs.

Directly across from the kitchen is our dining and reclining area.  I’ve grappled with sleeping on the couch instead of my bed.  It’s just too comfortable.  It actually pulls out into a queen bed and I just might try it out this evening.

Fleetwood Journey RVAs it is our first time living on board an RV, we were a little worried about what the bathroom situation would be like.  Would there be a shower?  Will there be enough water?  Will the water be hot?

What we’ve learned is that it’s pretty much just a regular bathroom with the exception of extra switches that one needs to flip to get the water running.  We compare it to being on a ship.  You wouldn’t want to have a 30 minute shower, but the water is hot and it definitely does the job.

Shower in an RV
Just like home.

The other perks of our Fleetwood Journey RV?  A washer AND dryer, full size King bed, bunk beds (score!), and an abundance of storage space.  We are not left wanting, that’s for sure.

Fleetwood RV

RV suiteFleetwood sleeping chambersSo there you have it, the Best of the Road Fleetwood RV.  We are continuing our road trip with our awesome driver, Bob-o, getting everyone excited for this year’s rally.  When we’re not relaxing in the oh-so comfortable chairs, you can find us posted at our computers, getting blog posts and videos ready.  We’re hoping to have some new videos from the road soon.

Blogging on the Fleetwood RV

You can follow all of our adventures in real time by checking into our facebook, twitter, and instagram accounts.  Special thanks to Rand McNally, USA Today, and Fleetwood for this incredible experience.

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