Our interview with Adam Richman of Man Versus Food.

Our interview with Adam Richman of Man Versus Food.

The New York Times Travel Show held a lot of “firsts” for us.  It was our first travel trade show, our first time working with Expedia, and our very first celebrity interview.  When we hopped on the NYC bound plane we had no idea that we’d get to schmooze with the best of them, and by “best of them” we mean Adam Richman.  He was our first celebrity interview that we did for the Expedia Travel Lounge series.

The stud from the Travel Channel did not disappoint.  You never know the kind of person you’re going to get when you encounter a celebrity.  Will they be too good for you?  Will they be fake?  Will they blow your mind with their charisma and good looks?  It was the later with Mr.Richman.  The star behind Man Versus Food and his new show, “Adam Richman’s Best Sandwich in America” is one genuinely awesome guy.  We were told that we’d probably only have five minutes with the food connoisseur himself.  Five minutes turned into twenty and ended with him sharing mouthwatering videos that he took on his iphone.  We love that dude… and it’s not just because he said Chris was the best interviewer he’s ever had.

Check out our interview with Adam Richman below.  Our advice for prime viewing?  Watch it in the highest HD quality.  Don’t forget to tune in for our next Expedia Travel Lounge interview where Tawny chats travel and fashion with Samantha Brown.




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