Why we said “no” to trying dog meat in South Korea.

It’s no secret that Chris and I are very intrepid souls. We like to push ourselves out of our comfort zones and try things that we have never done before. We are big fans of trying everything at least once. We have bungee jumped, swam with sharks, received magical tattoos from a monk in Thailand, the list goes on. We […]

Travel Gear. Never drop your iphone again! [Video Review]

Ah yes, with new technology comes new problems.  In our case, it’s losing/dropping/annihilating our iPhones.  In fact, it was just last month that Tawny decided to leave her phone in Puerto Rico.  We eventually got it back but it would have saved us a lot of trouble if she had just remembered it in the first place. Insert the Kenu […]

Week 2 Photo Roundup of #ExpediaFindYours #Cojones Contest

It’s that time again.  Time for our photo wrap-up of some of the most daring pictures floating around Twitter.  We’re really enjoyed seeing everyone’s adventurous photos from all of their travels that we’ve even added some to our bucket list. If you’re just hearing about this contest for the first time, don’t fret.  There are still a couple days left […]

A memorable business card for every travel blogger.

That’s right, we’re pimping out business cards like it’s our job.  We know that numerous travel blogs have been giving away UPrinting business cards and well, we’re doing the same.  To us, business cards are like Pokémon cards- we gotta catch them all!  We loved coming back from TBEX and looking at all the different cards that travel bloggers were handing […]

A week of daring photos for #ExpediaFindYours #Cojones.

Today concludes the first week of Expedia’s Find Yours twitter contest.  Don’t worry, there are still a couple weeks left for you to win a $250 voucher and an Aruba vacation.  The contest will continue to run until the end of July. When the competition first launched we had no idea what kind of responses that we were going to […]

What’s the deal? Airbac travel review.

This is a completely new frontier for us here at Captain and Clark.  We’ve never really done product reviews before.  It never actually crossed our minds to do product reviews until Airbac approached us with their sweet backpack. Being a video-based website, we decided that the best way to review a product would be through video.  This gives us a […]

Living the high life in San Juan, Puerto Rico. [Video]

Our recent trip to San Juan, Puerto Rico left us feeling fulfilled, relaxed, and sun-kissed.  In the short time that we were in San Juan we were able to see and experience so much of the local flavor.  Whether we were dining on mofongo, touring old forts, or relaxing poolside at the San Juan Marriott, we completely enjoyed immersing ourselves […]

Find Your Cojones with Expedia. #ExpediaFindYours

It is no secret that we live for adventure, passion, and true discovery.  We like to push ourselves to the limits and often past our comfort zones.  While we are adventurers at our core, some of our stunts have called for a certain pair of… cojones. Skydiving, mountain climbing, and swimming with sharks may take a fair amount of cojones, […]

Getting a taste of San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Seattle’s summer has not been very generous this year.  We’re into July and our daily high has been in the low 60’s.  While I’m very grateful that we’re not dealing with devastating forest fires and hurricanes, I would much rather be in a warmer climate.  That’s why when the San Juan Marriott Resort and Stellaris Casino invited us for a […]