A memorable business card for every travel blogger.

That’s right, we’re pimping out business cards like it’s our job.  We know that numerous travel blogs have been giving away UPrinting business cards and well, we’re doing the same.  To us, business cards are like Pokémon cards- we gotta catch them all!  We loved coming back from TBEX and looking at all the different cards that travel bloggers were handing out.  Some were very memorable and others, not so much.

We’re making it super easy for you to get 250 free personalized business cards.  All you have to do is watch the video below and then leave a comment in the section below, telling us who you most want to give your business card to.  Easy peasy.  We’ll draw a winner at random at the end of the month.

Watch the video below to check out the cards that we made.  Rounded edges for the win!



12 comments on “A memorable business card for every travel blogger.

  1. I would give my card to Chief Sitting Bull

  2. I’d give my card to the ambassadors at the United Nations!

  3. If I won I would want to give a business card to Tawny and Chris of CaptainandClark.com! haha but seriously…. maybe… the head of the Travel Channel? Perhaps Ryan Gosling? or maybe even Queen Elizabeth :)

  4. I would want to give a card to my Grandmother, Bear grylls, and ADELE!….I love Adele!

  5. when the hubs and i got married, i became, like, weirdly obsessed with rounded corners on all stationary. it’s the one thing that kind of bugs me about our own business cards and i definitely plan on amending for the next set. love these!!

  6. These are cool-looking cards you have there! I’d like to give mine to someone I meet while traveling to a foreign country, you know the moment they ask “So what do you do?” and then we start talking about my blog. Talk about expanding your ingternational reach. ;-)

  7. Well as far as well known people go I would choose Lisa Ling. Love her documentaries and I think it would be a blast to tag along with her. Mostly I would love to give cards to the average “burnt out” married couple with kids. Our blog is still in the works, but we do have a youtube channel “CampColombo”. We show that if you are married and have kids you do not have to “settle down”. Our family of 4 lives full time in a camper. We have very average jobs and income. A normal life…we are just not settled with doing the same ol’ thing in the same ol’ town. Our house on wheels is very doable for a family. It keeps opportunity at our fingertips.

    • First of all, I (Tawny) absolutely LOVE Lisa Ling. She inspired me to change to a comm major (later changed to Global Studies and French). She’s amazing. Second, we are so excited for your blog. It’s so great that you get to experience new places as a family. Once you’re up and running be sure to let us know. We’d love to feature you on the blog. :)

  8. Bob Schneider. I can’t remember the clever one I put in the first time when it didn’t work.

  9. I just ran this photo contest myself, and I ordered a set, so I do not need them, but anyone reading this I highly recommend Uprinting. Their quality rocks.

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