Week 2 Photo Roundup of #ExpediaFindYours #Cojones Contest

Week 2 Photo Roundup of #ExpediaFindYours #Cojones Contest

It’s that time again.  Time for our photo wrap-up of some of the most daring pictures floating around Twitter.  We’re really enjoyed seeing everyone’s adventurous photos from all of their travels that we’ve even added some to our bucket list.

If you’re just hearing about this contest for the first time, don’t fret.  There are still a couple days left to enter.  All you need to do to be entered to win an Aruba vacation or $250 Expedia credit is submit a daring travel photo using the hashtags #ExpediaFindYours and #Cojones.  You can find all of the terms and conditions here.

Without further ado, a round up of our favorite “ballsy” pictures taken all across the globe:

via @GirlUnmapped: I found my #cojones running off a cliff (attached to a paraglider!) in Queenstown, New Zealand. #ExpediaFindYours

Expedia Find Yours picturesvia @RogueRiders: Going rogue off 4 story cliff!! #ExpediaFindYours #Cojones

Expedia Find Yours Twitter Contestvia @AndreaGuthmann: Do you have the #cojones to ride the new jetpack @TWResorts in St. Pete Beach, FL?#ExpediaFindYours

jet pack florida expedia find yoursvia @GQTrippin: About to ride down the largest swing in the world. Sums up how we felt taking off on our RTW. #Cojones #ExpediaFindYours

Twitter ExpediaFindYours contestvia @toniwonitravels: Sitting on the EDGE of Victoria Falls! 😀 #cojones #expediafindyours

Expedia Find Yours Cojonesvia @IdelishTravel: Plunging down a waterfall! #ExpediaFindYours #Cojones

Expeda cojonesWhew, some of those pictures had our hearts in our throat.  I think we’re definitely going to have to try that jetpack someday!  What are some of your most daring pictures from your travels?  We’d love to see them.


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      Whoa !! You have done Bungee Jumping and rafting that really amazing to see your snaps. I curiously wanted to go and enjoy my weekend like you. but after seen my busy scheduled I couldn’t able to enjoy like this !! but seriously love your post and thanks to make me happy.

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