Getting dominated by the Grand Canyon [Video]

As you probably remember, we recently completed a 12 mile hike down the Grand Canyon.  While I was not going to carry the extra weight of a camera, Chris decided that he was strong enough to do it for the both of us.   I’m not going to lie, I was pretty impressed that he not only carried our big DSLR […]

Our Life Revealed by our iPhone.

Sometimes life can get so crazy that we don’t even stop to smell the roses… or check our iPhones.  Every now and then Chris and I like to go through the pictures that we’ve taken on our phones and re-live the moments that we might have been a little too busy to relish in.  It’s hard for us to believe […]

Discovering Sex in South Korea

In this post we’re going to talk about the iconic Korean love motels. These cheap and ubiquitous motels are pretty iconic in South Korea.  Some of these motels have themes, while some have round Hugh Hefner beds, and most have walls of porn. These love motels are a great (albeit, sticky) option for foreigners who want a cheap place to […]

Our Top Three Awkward Travel Memories

Why yes, we are suckers for blogosphere relays- especially when prizes and our egos are at stake.  Low Cost Holidays is asking bloggers to write a post about their top three travel memories.  Not wanting to conform completely, we decided to write about some of our most awkward, albeit memorable, experiences from our travels.  A big thanks to DJ, from […]

The world’s largest piece of recycled paper

Yes! It’s true, the one Guinness World Record that you never expected to be real. Yet, here it is. On August, 10th 2012, a local Spokane company, Green Cupboards, attempted to break the world record for the longest piece of recycled paper. (The committee is still out on whether or not Guinness has approved the win.) The finished product was […]