Discovering Sex in South Korea

Discovering Sex in South Korea

In this post we’re going to talk about the iconic Korean love motels. These cheap and ubiquitous motels are pretty iconic in South Korea.  Some of these motels have themes, while some have round Hugh Hefner beds, and most have walls of porn.

These love motels are a great (albeit, sticky) option for foreigners who want a cheap place to stay for the night.  If you don’t mind a circular bed, pink ceiling light, and sketchy bathroom, the love motel is right up your ally.

You might be asking why these love motels exist?  Are they for the wandering spouse? Or perhaps a naughty rendezvous with a paying customer?  In fact, most of these love motels are frequented by moms and pops attempting to make the beast with two backs in private.  You see, Korean apartments have paper thin walls.  Combine that with the fact that some families all sleep in the same room, and you’ve got a recipe for unwelcomed abstinence.

Insert the love motel.  These motels offer all of the privacy two lovers could ask for.  Want a wall of porn in the lobby?  No problem.  Forgot your “toys” at home?  They’ve got you covered with party favor vending machines.  Need a naughty nurse outfit?  I’m sure the front desk could help you with that. The only thing you might not be able to find is a pregnancy or paternity test.  Those you’ll have to buy somewhere else.

love motel sex toy vending machineThe next time you’re in South Korea and feeling a little frisky… or cheap, be sure to check out (and into) a love motel.  You really can’t beat the price.


Note:  The adorable couple featured in the picture at the top of the page are actually our Hapkido master and his beautiful wife.  Gorgeous, no?

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