How to Stay Fresh and Look Good While Traveling.

We’ve been waiting for our Indian visas for over a week now and living off the kindness of friends while we do so. As we’ve shuffled from apartment to apartment in Manhattan we’ve begun to encounter a few hiccups. Primarily, we really only packed a handful of fall clothing, as we were expecting to only be in the city for […]

Our Top 5 iPhone Apps for New York

We’ve had the pleasure of staying in Manhattan for the last few days as we wait on our Indian Visas to arrive. Our good friends Tristan and Julie are letting us use their living room as HQ and get a glimpse at the joys of married life. You can check that out below. While here, we’ve tried to suck the […]

The Captain’s Pop Ten [Video]

Alright. Alright.  It’s been a long time coming, but it’s finally here. The Captain’s K-POP TEN.  As most of you already know, my mister (aka Chris) has excellent taste in women.  However, you might be unaware of his quest for pop perfection.  If you want to catch a glimpse of the past pop princess prospects you can take a look […]

How to stay safe (and sanitary) in India [VIDEO]

photo credit. The time for preparation is upon us!  In less than one week we’ll be on our way to India, the country of curry, silk, and the biggest erection made for a woman.  Well, the last one is disputable.  In the hopes of being prepared for almost any situation, we decided to make a list of the must-haves we […]