How to stay safe (and sanitary) in India [VIDEO]

How to stay safe (and sanitary) in India [VIDEO]

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The time for preparation is upon us!  In less than one week we’ll be on our way to India, the country of curry, silk, and the biggest erection made for a woman.  Well, the last one is disputable.  In the hopes of being prepared for almost any situation, we decided to make a list of the must-haves we always carry on us while traveling, and more importantly, what we’re taking with us to India.

If you’re more of a visual person, we recommend watching the video.  If you prefer reading, go ahead and skip it.  We like options.

Item #1: Hand sanitizer.

things to pack for india

Yup, we take this special, tingly stuff with us everywhere.  We love the travel size bottles that can easily fit in a purse or pocket.  A little dab of hand sanitizer will definitely help kill off any bacteria your hands pick up while on your travels.  It’s especially important in India since it’s customary to eat with your right hand.  The cleaner the utensil, the better.  Fun fact: the bacteria and germs on the faucet are usually just as plentiful as those on the toilet.  If the faucet isn’t automatic, it’s best to just use hand sanitizer.

Item #2: Doxycycline.

You know what’s NOT fun while on a trip?  Getting malaria.  While most of India seems to be malaria free, there are still some places where it’s prevalent.  Since we’re not exactly sure where we’ll be traveling, we’ve decided to go ahead and protect ourselves.  There are many different prescriptions one can take to ward off malaria and we went with doxycycline.  We have to take the pills daily and we start two days before we depart for India and have to continue our daily pill routine 30 days after we return.  Talk about a pain in the ass.  Still, it’s better than malaria.

Item #3: Sunscreen.

Ah-ha.  This product is extra important because we are on doxycycline.  Yup, our malaria meds will make us more sensitive to the sun and Chris’ alabaster skin must be protected.   We tend to wear sunscreen regardless of whether it’s sunny or not.  It’s important to remember that one can still get a sunburn even if the clouds are out.

Item #4:  Pepto Bismol.

pack pepto bismol while traveling

Say it with us.  Nausea, heartburn, indigestion, upset stomach, diarrhea.  Yes, the chalky pink tablets and/or silky pink milkshake will help take care of it all.  It’s always nice to have a little pepto on hand to help ease the pain one might acquire after one too many lassis or a bad batch of curry.  We happen to enjoy the taste (sick, I know) but are hoping that we won’t ever need it while in India.  Crossing our fingers.

Item #5. Anti-Diarrhea Medicine.

We adhere to the belief that the reason your body is expelling all bodily fluids is because they shouldn’t be there.  Your body knows best and is trying to rid itself of everything that doesn’t belong.  While you should let your body do its job, there are some times while traveling that you need to well…er, plug it up.  Enter anti-diarrhea medicine.  While it’s not fun to talk about, it will definitely help stop the frequent bathroom visits.

Item #6. Alarm doorstop. 

use doorstop alarm while on travels

One of the best things that we’ve recently picked up is the alarm doorstop.  These things are perfect for the intrepid traveler that loves to stay in shady hostels.  It works like a regular doorstop in that it will make it difficult for someone to open the door.  It has an added bonus of an alarm so that if someone does try to enter your room, an alarm will sound notifying you of the intruder while simultaneously scaring them off and making a big commotion.  Win-win-win.

That’s it for this round of “Packing with Captain and Clark.”  We’ll have more videos coming at you next week.  Still, we’d like to hear any advice (packing or otherwise) that you have for India.  Leave your goods in the comment section below.



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