Our Top 5 iPhone Apps for New York

Our Top 5 iPhone Apps for New York

We’ve had the pleasure of staying in Manhattan for the last few days as we wait on our Indian Visas to arrive. Our good friends Tristan and Julie are letting us use their living room as HQ and get a glimpse at the joys of married life. You can check that out below.

While here, we’ve tried to suck the marrow out of this city, although we always are confronted by the fact that such an act would take a few lifetimes. Never the less, we’ve done some exploring and we’ve settled on five apps that make the journey that much faster. One might even say, in a New York minute. You probably wouldn’t though….

#1 – SipWell

One of the many reasons why Manhattan is so rock awesome, is that it is a treasure trove of SpeakEasy secret bars. However, as the name implies, they aren’t always easy to find. I spent a year looking for PDT (Please Don’t Tell) before I finally found myself getting pulled in through a secret wall in a phone booth. Yes, it happened.

To make your hunt for the extraordinary easier, SipWell came up with an app that allows you to see all the SpeakEasy bars, prohibition era bars, and wild bars in an area and even gives you hints on how to find them like, “walk through the fake ATM,” or “enter through the back of the barber shop.”

Yes. It’s that cool. It will cost you $1.99 but if you’re out drinking at themed bars anyhow, it’s probably worth it.

#2 – HOP Stop

HOP Stop is my favorite app for finding my way around NYC on the subway. If you’re looking for an app to help you figure out the subway schedule and get you around, then this is the one. It’s free, which is nice, and has been really easy to use. Whenever we’re in New York we only use the subway. One, because it’s easy. Two, because we’re cheap.

That said, the subway can be a literal labyrinth so any help you can find is great. With HOP Stop you plug-in your current position (or let it figure it out) and then add your destination’s address. The app will tell you the closest subway station and how to navigate there. What’s really cool about it though is that it can account for real-time delays and traffic. You’ll get an estimate on your transit time and step-by-step instructions on which stops to pass and where to get off. It even let’s you know which of the 4000 exits to take to get out of the line station and back above ground.


#3 – GrubHub

If you’re looking for a way to find cheap and delicious food in New York, you’ll be bludgeoned with options. However, if you want to avoid the gauntlet of food carts and restaurants, we’ve got your solution. Whether you are staying with a friend, in your own apartment, or in a hotel, Grub Hub is a sweet app that allows you to look for restaurants by price or type of food. You can even look over their menu and order from your phone. It’s that simple and all you have to do it wait for your deliciousness to arrive.

#4 – Map

Exactly what it sounds like. The iPhone map app is a sweet tool to find your way around the city of walking. Just don’t forget to set it to walking and not driving.

#5 – StrayBoots

While it is not in fact an app, StrayBoots is a site that you can access from any smart phone and gives you an interactive walking tour. What I’m saying is, it’s a New York treasure hunt. We went on a scavenger hunt with CheapOair through Harlem and it rocked our socks! We followed a series of clues through one of New York’s coolest neighborhoods and learned a lot along the way. If you’re looking for a fun way to see the city and learn about it simultaneously then this is your jam.


If you know of any great apps that we missed leave them in the comments below!

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