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We want to Go with Oh to Paris!

We want to Go with Oh to Paris, France!

go with oh to franceLast spring, Go with Oh gave bloggers the opportunity to vie for a chance to win a European trip of a lifetime.  The lucky winner would win the opportunity to choose four European cities from a list of ten to explore: Venice, Vienna, Barcelona, Prague, Dublin, Paris, London, Berlin, Florence, and Rome.  While we weren’t chosen, our good buddies Lola and Leah were and they had the best time showing us just how incredible Europe could be.

Go with Oh Paris Leah and Lola

Leah and Lola making us jealous by flirting with Paris.

Poor Tawny has never been to Europe and has been pining for France for the longest time.  She even wrote about it in the post we made for the last Go with Oh competition and you know what?  Our preference hasn’t changed.  France has eluded the both of us for far too long.  So with this new opportunity, we’d like to write a little letter to Paris about exactly what we feel like we’ve been missing.

Cher Paris,

Look at that.  Go with Oh is offering up yet another opportunity to see your beautiful city scape and you better believe we’re not going to turn it down.  You have been playing hard to get for far too long.  In fact, this steamy long-distance love affair has been extremely one-sided.  We write, send mix-tapes, and toast in your honor and what do we get in return?  Nothing.  We only hear of you through other friends that you’ve entertained and hosted over the years.  Enough is enough.

You can’t escape our gentle touch anymore, Paris.  As a city known for its romance, we figure that our recent engagement is reason enough to finally wander your amorous streets.  We would walk arm-in-arm, showing extreme public displays of affection that would make the common onlooker gag.  French kissing would be a must- it is your invention after all.  So what if we make you a little jealous?  You’ve been doing that to us for years.

Captain and Clark India Taj Mahal

See Paris, we can be romantic too.

How long did you think you could tease us with your mouth watering delights?  No pain au chocolat, crepe, or macaron would be safe from our grasp.  For years you’ve promised us the taste of velvety wine over a cande-lit dinner.  Think you could scare us away with a little snails?  Ha.  You can escargot home with that attitude.  You know we’re down to try anything.

The Louvre, Eiffel Tower, and Arc de Triomphe have been your tools of seduction for too long.  Not only would we explore the merde out of those places, but we’d go on to discover the hidden gems that you have cleverly tucked away from the average traveler.  We’re on to you, Paris.  We’re on to you.  We’re not only going to discover every inch of you, but we’ll film it along the way.  Take that as you will.

So excuse us if we are being franc, but we’ve been playing the friend card for far too long.  We’re ready to take this relationship to the next level and see you in person. And when we do see you, we’re going to play you like a Bieber song.


Chris et Tawny.


Did you think that the trouble of finding decent accommodation was going to stop us?  That’s where we have you beat.  Go with Oh has just the place.  Check out the incredible Paris apartment rentals below.

Go with Oh apartment rental

apartment rental in Paris

Photos courtesy of Go With Oh.

So yes, we might be slightly obsessed with the idea of going to Paris.  And yes, our letter might come off a little stalker-esque, but we’ve been waiting to see this city for so long.  We’d love to experience Paris for the first time and take you along on all of our adventures.

Let’s Go with Oh to Paris!

Captain and Clark Paris France

Let’s get together, Paris. Credit.

As if you needed any more reason to want us to go to Paris…

If for some reason you’re incapable of love and don’t want to see us go to Paris, you can still walk away a winner! Go with Oh is also hosting a Facebook contest where lucky entrants can win amazeballs prizes like an iPad 2,iPhone 5, or a €750 Go with Oh voucher! Click here for your chance to win.

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16 comments on “We want to Go with Oh to Paris!

  1. Great video guys. Some good improv. Well, kinda good :) Good luck getting to Paris.

  2. I would love to go with Oh or whoever to Paris and around France! Can’t blame you guys.

  3. Paulina` on said:

    I loved the letter!
    I would love to go to Paris again!
    I’ve only been once and I felt like there are so many things I couldn’t experience.
    Good luck in the contest!

  4. Okay… you can go to Paris, but you have to see us first.

  5. Good luck, you guys!

  6. Great, quirky post. Way to woo Paris!

  7. Funny video, I like the one about Harry Potter one as well! :)

    And I agree with Paulina, one time in Paris is just not enough, I have been like thirty times and still discovering some new places and galleries :)

    Good luck with getting there, if you need any tips, Im happy to share it with you guys :)
    Marysia @ My Travel Affairs recently posted…Top 10 Travels of 2012My Profile

  8. winner winner chicken dinner! :)
    suki recently posted…Wine and Love #66My Profile

  9. Well done and congrats on the Go with Oh! Have a brilliant time in Paris – I know you will love it!

  10. Hi, Paris is one of my favorite cities and I’ve been visiting the City of Lights every year since 2009. I was looking for a site that would lead me to the hidden gems about food, wine and shopping in Paris and so happy to find one that has all of it. I love your blog, great site!

  11. This video is pretty much the greatest thing I’ve ever seen. I might just need to bookmark it and watch it anytime I’m feeling blue.
    Camels & Chocolate recently posted…Photo Friday: Louisville, KentuckyMy Profile

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