You were a rockstar, 2012.

You were a rockstar, 2012.

We had been attempting to write one of those cliche “year in review” posts for the past two weeks.  Needless to say, it never happened.  Christmas, sleigh rides, hot chocolate binges, brunch, and good times with great friends happened instead.  We’re not angry about our vacation from blogging, but we didn’t want to leave 2012 with nothing.  It was an epic year, after all.

We decided that they best way to pay homage the past year is to showcase its glory in pictures.  Without further ado, our epic 2012.

56 bowls of pho consumed


3 blasts from the past

Captain and Clark explore the world Captain and Clark time travel Captain and clark explore the globe

15 nights spent in an RV

rand mcnally captain and clark

2 EPIC hikes

hiking the Grand Canyontawny clark and christopher staudinger

1 Rand McNally atlas appearance

Captain and Clark Rand McNally atlas

679 cups of coffee imbibed

captain chris and tawny clark

2 trips to NYC

Captain Chris Tawny Clark

3 Travel Channel Stars met

travel channel captain and clark Captain and CLarkAdam Richman Captain and Clark interview Travel channel

33 dogs pet

Captain Chris and Tawny Clark

3 epic road trips taken

crosscountry road trip

2 camel rides

captain chris and tawny clark


1 Marriage Proposal Accepted

Taj Mah Engagement


1000 Monkeys

Captain Chris Staudinger and Tawny Clark in India

13 Suspicious toilets

Gross toilets in India


17 States Visited

Captain and Clark


5 Elephants embraced

Elephants with Captain and Clark



177 Times we’ve played themed Catan


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