The Big Blog Map

Who doesn’t love the idea of just throwing a dart at a map and traveling to wherever it lands? Well friends, the internet has just made that dream even easier. Our friend Ben in Berlin just launched a new project that we’re really into. I’m proud to announce the arrival of the Big Blog Map. This beautiful new addition to […]

My Travel Gear Wish List

We’ve talked in the past about our top travel gear list. For anyone who travels, either full-time or is just a weekend getaway warrior, there are always those few items that you long for on the road. For the last month, as Tawny and I have worked our way back and forth across the continental US, we’ve discussed which travel […]

An American’s guide to shopping in London.

It’s official!  We are less than one week away from our big European tour in partnership with Go with Oh.  We are starting off the first leg of our trip in London and are more excited than King Henry VIII at divorce court. In preparation for our big trip across the pond we’ve been putting all of our spare change […]

The world’s most romantic destinations.

With Valentine’s day upon us we wanted to write a post that would inspire love and affection.  After trying and failing multiple times, we decided to leave it in the hands of our fellow colleagues and bloggers.  We asked some of our favorite traveling couples to weigh in on the most romantic destinations that they’ve been to. Breckenridge, Colorado. (by […]

Pickpocket Proof Pants (Giveaway CLOSED )

For 30 days in India I wore only one pair of pants. I washed them in a river, once. I rode a camel. I slept in the desert, spilled rum all over them, walked through a slum street that literally ran red with the blood of over 1000 goats, kept my passport in my pocket in the middle of the […]