Pickpocket Proof Pants (Giveaway CLOSED )

Pickpocket Proof Pants (Giveaway CLOSED )

For 30 days in India I wore only one pair of pants. I washed them in a river, once. I rode a camel. I slept in the desert, spilled rum all over them, walked through a slum street that literally ran red with the blood of over 1000 goats, kept my passport in my pocket in the middle of the largest den of pick-pockets, and hiked through thorn-bush filled ruins. After 30 days these pick-pocket proof pants earned not only their name, in my book, but also made me one of the most fashionable young men in all of India.

pickpocket proof pants
Keeping the engagement ring safe while traveling

You should know, before we begin here, that I hate travel pants. As a vainglorious actor-type who also travels, nothing turns me off more than those zipper knee, quick dry pants so common to the modern adventurers of our time. That’s why when I first saw the pickpocket proof pantsΒ (P Cubed) I nearly flipped. Not only are they durable enough to withstand the most trying of adventures, but they make you look good. Equal parts fashion and function there’s very little not to like. Another great part is that they are coated in teflon. So when you do spill rum, curry, monkey crap, or goat’s blood all over your pants (and if you’re in India, you will) it will literally roll right off. Awesome.

It gets even better though. These sexy pants all have a labyrinth of pockets and security measures to ensure that all of your valuables stay safe. I not only carried my passport through all of India without stress (in some really dodgy places) but also Tawny’s engagement ring. In my opinion these pants were the absolute best way to protect your belongings while traveling. They are low profile. So unlike other travel pants you won’t attract the very attention of the thieves you’re trying to avoid. Some high security pants flaunt that quality so loudly they practically beg to be ripped off. The pickpocket proof pants are an exceptional example of pants that make you look like a tough target and make you an even tougher mark.

Even more incredible, after 30 days in India and only one washing, they didn’t even smell bad. Unreal, I know.

P 3 pants
Not even camel stench could penetrate these pants

Don’t feel obligated to take my word for it, now is your chance to WIN YOUR OWN PAIR of pickpocket proof pants. Check out the P Cubed website, pick your favorite pair, and tell us about it in your comment below. Soon we will choose one lucky winner at random to receive a pair of pickpocket proof pants for free. That lucky winner will also get a Clothing Arts T-shirt for free too.

Lucky, lucky you. was kind enough to donate a pair of pickpocket proof pants for our giveaway. However, they did not offer us any money for our opinion. We really do love these babies.Β 

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