The Big Blog Map

The Big Blog Map

Big Blog Map of the WorldWho doesn’t love the idea of just throwing a dart at a map and traveling to wherever it lands? Well friends, the internet has just made that dream even easier. Our friend Ben in Berlin just launched a new project that we’re really into. I’m proud to announce the arrival of the Big Blog Map. This beautiful new addition to the interweb is an interactive map that displays blog posts from some of the web’s more intrepid authors, geographically.

This is a great way to find locations you’ve never heard of.  Simply pull up the map and then pick one of the icons to learn more.  Each icon, when hovered over, offers the title and description of the post associated with that location.  To read the post you just click the link or, even cooler, you can explore the map with images.  Click the camera icon in the top bar and the map will explode with images tagged to every latitude and longitude on the map.

find the best blogs in the world

Personally, I love the idea. This is a great way to see what is around you when you travel. Sort of like a Yelp for travel blogs.

As travelers, we love maps. Traditionally Tawny and I would discover locations we wanted to travel to by looking at maps and finding the little intriguing nuisances on them. Ghost towns, hidden coves, noted attractions, all marked on traditional maps with a slew of eye catching symbols.  The Big Blog Map translates that joy onto a web map. Not only is it a great way of finding locations you might not have heard of, it is also a great way to find new travel writers you might not be familiar with (think of it like a flight of travel bloggers.)

The map is also nice in that you can add posts yourself.  If you know of a blog post that really does a location justice, is a great travel story, or about a hidden location, you can add it easily HERE.

greatest travel blogs


Take a look at the map and let us know what you think. Is it something that you would be interested in using?  Let us know in the comment section below.

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